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Is there such a thing as an Atheist Minister?

Is there such a thing as an Atheist Minister? I am "ordained" through th Universal Life Monistary and thee Church of th Flying Spaghetti Monster to perform secualr weddings in Missouri. Does this make me a an atheist minister?

SageDave 7 Mar 8

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There are probably a great number of Atheist Ministers, but they haven't come out of the closet, confessional or otherwise. A number of Ministers of the faith, have lost their faith have become Agnostic or Atheist, but are stuck due to family, friends and congregants that they don't want to give up. Only a handful have had the Courage to Come out....Dan Barker & Matt Dillhunty for example


All is possible - (Don't forget the invisible pink unicorn whilst youre about it)

Splitter, Everyone knows the invisible unicorn is grey... 😛


LOL I believe you can say so if you like. There are also UU ministers who are atheists, but they actually have to go through theology school anyway. Your way sounds like much more fun.


I have heard of minister/pastor atheists who preach because they like the money, but they don't believe what they are teaching. Sometimes ministers stay in the pulpit to save face with family and friends.


It might. Jerry DeWitt has that title in Louisiana and has an atheist church there. I like Jerry but not the church idea. I believe that an "atheist church" would make a theist say atheism is a religion after all, but to each his own.


Reverend Gretta Vosper is one of several atheist, Xian no less, ministers: []

She actually leads an established church, as of Sept 2017, that was quite traditionally Xian till she came along!

I ordained myself at ULM as REVEREND ATHEIST!

Ungod Level 6 Mar 8, 2018

Ditto, but in Wisconsin. I also had myself declared a saint.

I think the certificate cost me 20 bucks, but I use "Saint Christopher" as a pseudonym/stage name/pen name, so making it "official" was worth it to me.

I've done about 20 ceremonies in the last few years, and have 3 more booked this summer already.


Most teachers of the hard and some soft sciences could be considered as such because they spend their time trying to teach critical thought, logic, and scientific method in an effort to lead their congregation in the direction of an emerging truth.

If you mean someone who promotes atheism by preaching to the masses, we've had and have many. Dawkins, Hitchens, Sagan, etc. Some of them have been quite effective in steering the uncertain toward the light. However, I don't think any of them would like to be known as ministers.


There are Humanist ministers that proside over funerals, a mate of mine died last year he had a Humanist funeral although a sad occasion the guy made it fun and relivent to my mates life, none of he's in a better place with Jesus crap.


yes 2 of my friends are. they do weddings funerals hospital visits , everything you'd hope for


More or less. I'm agnositc and I'm an ordained Dude, Jedi and Spiritual Humanist. I have only ever used the latter for official ceremonies but I've never been asked to do any for Dudes or Jedis.

If you want the "real deal" atheist ordination see the link. You'll have to check your local laws but you can conduct a civil ceremony anywhere off the record so long as the appropriate bureaucratic BS (mairriage license, death certificate, etc) is taken care of.



Not officially per se. I'd say the closest might be someoen who teaches the scientific meathod and critical thinking (applied knowledge) skills.


As a nonbeliever, I don't believe that position exists.


I am an ordained Dudest Minister and an A-theists. If you think you are an A-theist minister, then you are.

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