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What are your deal breakers? Not like the major ones (dishonest, unfaithful, self obsessed, abusive) but like little deal breakers

LadyAlyxandrea 8 Mar 8

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Trump lover. Dog hater. Constant complaining. Racist. Rude to people, especially waiters. Doesn't think I'm hilarious. Physically unaffectionate (over time; does not have to be immediate)

Boy, I'm picky.

One loving the orange one is a major for me ...

The orange one, lmao. Yeah, Trump-loving or conservative sociopolitical views are a total deal-breaker for me too. Some people get all self-righteous and preach about how wrong it is to discount someone as a friend based on their political views, but times have changed. Someone who really loves Trump (or any number of modern Republican politicians) is either in support of or willing to overlook some serious bigotry, ignorance, and creep-ery! I could not be friends with let alone PARTNER UP with someone in that boat.

@phil21: I like "doesn't think I'm hilarious".


The only 2 dealbreakers for me are fanatical religious and fanatical Republicans


tobacco smoking, poor hygiene, poor grammar/communication, braggart, bigot, self-absorbed, greedy, doesn't like animals, anti-social

eek , hope that's not one person !

not one person-but my list has grown recently-lol

It could be one person... does Trump smoke?


Bad taste in music, likes the Kardashians, or doesn't appreciate art....all deal breakers


Someone who is not has moved to the top of my list

lerlo Level 8 Mar 8, 2018

Insulting one of the following:

Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
Star Trek
Dungeons & Dragons
Video games
The Royal Navy.

I said not major personality defects lmao

This is the best list here! I may have to be restrained if anyone insults any of the first four. ESPECIALLY D&D!


Trump lover, gun lover, poor hygiene


As you did not specify these major issues: I would not tolerate the following:

One who considers faith (the foundation of religion), based superstitions superior to actual facts. i.e. the religious.

Trump supporter,
Evolution denier,
Climate change denier,
Flat Earther,
Anti-Vaccer - - the list goes on - -

In short - anyone who does not display a rational understanding of the world or displays a lack of mental aptitude.

Totally agree


I don't roll that way. I know a deal breaker when I see it, in vivo, and not before. Everything's situational. Everything depends. Due process reigns supreme.


Texting while we on a date.


Republicans and jeezuz freaks.

Oh not so for you!

@rafferty I know. I know. When will I learn. Never say never. Lol. But maybe I can say it's not dating, but just using him for sex until he opens his mouth and spews Republican.


Bigotry and support thereof are obviously deal-breakers. Less obvious ones include: Patterns of passive-aggressive behavior (UGH). Pouting, whining, and/or self-pity. Fat-phobia (and even if I wasn't chubby myself, this would be a deal-breaker even when it comes to subtle or ignorant comments that seek/act to assign someone value based on their weight--what a pathetic way to approach people and relationships). Condescending explanations or assuming I need help (sometimes called "mansplaining" but I've encountered people of different sexes and genders who do this). Bullying behavior. Having an ego so big that you don't know how to pick your battles or brush stuff off--volatile temper, obsession with your public appearance and being shown "respect", etc. Adherence to or strong belief in gender roles and specific gender presentations ("You're female, so you need to be feminine up to my standards or I'll be turned off" ).. Consistently uninterested in or avoidant of physical affection or sex (because I am just not compatible with that). Never asks questions and shows lack of interest in my thoughts, ideas, or interests. Avoiding or deflecting responsibility/accountability for one's own actions. Doesn't know anything about or holds fast to myths about mental illness and neurological disorders. Is religious AND tries to come up with a religion-based solutions to everything. I know everybody screws up and most people can learn and change. I am actually a ridiculously open-minded, forgiving, and patient person, but all of the things I mentioned above are things I have personally dealt with and know I can't live with on a continual basis or at least without evidence that the other person is trying to learn and make changes. I can't change anyone, but I can control my own behavior, which includes trying my best to adhere to what I see as a fair set of standards for the company I keep and the relationships I invest in.

Passive aggressive ones are the worst. Take take take.

I know, right!? In terms of maturity issues, it might just be the worst--or the worst in terms of common ones. Say what's bothering you or shut the **** up, for the love of big bang!!! Ya know? 😛


I'm not really a jugdemental person, and I think its dickish to have ultimatums, but... if you don't enjoy pizza, I just can't allow that much negativity in my life.

Marz Level 7 Mar 11, 2018

I don't trust anyone who says they don't like pizza. They're obviously inhuman


Oo good ones
Def trump and religion and smoking


Snoring. That alone can end a relationship.


Being allergic to cats, the sound of their voice, a history of not being self sufficient, and being self absorbed.

Ha! The voice thing. I feel so petty for it but if a man doesn't have a voice I like,I'm done.

@Blindbird I'd love to see this in action. You call them to set up a meeting.
Guy: Hello.
You: click.

@phil21 lol I'm not THAT rude. I just don't continue the relationship.

@Blindbird Whew. Now I have this fear I have a voice that sends damsels into distress. You liked Screech's voice, right?


Racism. Extreme leftist or extreme rightist. Religious. Non-affectionate. Non-communicative. Couch potato. Television junkie. Smoker. Heavy drinker. Drug user. Dishonest. Evasive.

Must have sense of humor and be difficult to offend!


Monogamists, Consumer fetishists, Career mindedness, Timidity, Spinelessness.


Obvious deal breakers include being a Trump supporter, or in this day and age even a Republican, and possibly even an establishment Democrat. Obviously being religious is a deal breaker. Their would have to be a physical attraction... They would have to accept me and my numerous quirks.. and my arrangement with my kids.... But luckily there are some strong positives to being single.


little deal breakers......almost don't smell bad, just barely nice, don't laugh exactly like a horse.

How about isn't that stupid?

Maybe but that's borderline big deal breaker.


I have a couple, that are pretty big for me: Listens to country music... likes Ayn Rand... Is into pseudo science... And how they treat customer service people.


High fiving in public

This is from a show popular in Seattle in the nineties.

@Benthoven was one of them bill nye ?

Yes he was: Bill Nye the Science Guy.


People unable to accept the adamantine bond between me and my cat. Youre going to have to deal that Im his Chewbacca, and we just went all over America, coast to coast election working/fightin redhats/nazis. Its real. Theres a lot of them. They almost got us in Vegas.




I don't even know at this rate, all I see is rejection.

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