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LINK Appeals Court Rules That Asylum-Seekers Can Be Made To Wait In Mexico : NPR

This may be the best thing for immigrants at the moment. At least children won't be separated and lost by the American government, for years, batshit crazy militia members won't hold them hostage, and they won't be stuck in cages awaiting due process.

SeaGreenEyez 8 May 8

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The big problem with this is what does Mexico say about it? Asshole Trump has no authority in Mexico.


The immigration policy of Trump administration has affected my life too,
I have been waiting in India for 6 years to get resettled and get asylum to USA, still waiting...

NR92 Level 6 May 9, 2019

I have met and know several educated and highly employable individuals who spoke upwards of seven languages and advanced degrees! Some who lived in the US as children for a short while who can not even get even a H1B visa! The system only favors those who are connected or for those who are recruited by corporations because they work cheap!
The system is totally unfair discriminatory at all levels!

Trump has ruined more than American immigration policy. I was ready, set, and to go to another country before it was announced he'd won, and my sponsored approved application was put on hold for extra vetting, then put on hold due to the influx of American applications, then an indefinite hold because that country was in a position to help immigrants needing political asylum that were being brutalized by the American government.

I did receive notice that I could apply for political asylum for a faster approval. (Faster than even the professional worker status I was previously approved under.)


This insane system, will not get fixed until we get the despot out of OUR White House. There are many humane things that could be done to assist the people who are escaping desperate situations. But, this administration is too busy with promoting their religious platform to worry about helping desperate people survive. This seems to not even be on their list, now. Everyone would benefit by giving a helping hand where people really need it.


Making the immigration courts more humane would also set the stage for more humane and fair treatment!

Also creating programs to stop the violence in their birth countries instead of cutting them off from aid and only supporting those countries wealthy elites!

@of-the-mountain agreed!


This problem has been totally cause by US corporate greed over the last 140 years of abusive use of local peoples and the exploiting of their ancestral lands! For factory farming and exploitive mining of their natural resources!
The people where held in poverty by a few wealthy families propped up by US corporations and their wealthy owners!
Now they want to blame them for wanting what has been robbed from them!


Your summation is probably correct..


We have never really been a moral leader in the world. It was always propaganda, but we are really sliding into a darkness at this time in history. If it doesn't stop soon, we could damage this country for a long time if not permanently.



This makes sense given international law which says (and I'm paraphrasing here) that a person seeking asylum must ask for it in the first country outside their own they can. So people going through mexico to get asylum in the USA are going against international law... or seen another way, we are going against international law by accepting and condoning said practice....

Has Mexico been declared a safe third country? I don't think we are going against the laws if they have not internationally been deemed as such...I know the EU and most of Europe have strict first country laws...don't our own current laws state that asylum seekers have to apply at the port of entries on our borders?

As I understand it, the US follows EU convention to prevent "Asylum shopping" in which an asylum seekers seeks asylum in several or specific countries. Thus as long as they are not in immediate danger from the country they are entering, they should seek asylum there. So for example, a lot of the venezuelan refugees are seeking asylum due to the discord in their country. That's valid. But that same discord doesn't exist in Columbia, Nicaragua, Honduras, etc... all countries on their path to the US. So if they go through all those countries and come in through mexico, where they also don't have that discord, I think they have to apply for asylum first in columbia, then honduras, etc etc, and, maybe, if denied there only then apply here.

@TheMiddleWay thanks...but aren't most of the asylum seekers from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatamala? How can they seek asylum in the countries they are fleeing? And if Mexico is not a safe third country, the closest one is the USA...physically, they are simply going from one bad country to another...


All the countries are before Mexico... and by all accounts, Mexico is way safer than the countries, and circumstances, the majority of people are fleeing.

And no, the USA is not the closest safest country. My homeland, Chile, is waaayyy safer than any other country (mexico included)... yet they aren't going there...

@TheMiddleWay gee you think the jungles and Andes mountains might be a problem?

@TheMiddleWay also you need to check your information on the "safety" of Honduras...

" gee you think the jungles and Andes mountains might be a problem?"

Waves of Migrants Head to Chile, Putting a Strain on Services

"also you need to check your information on the "safety" of Honduras..."
As long as any country between your origin and the USA is safer than where you come from, then the policy of "Asylum shopping" applies. For example, Mexico is still safer than Honduras and thus asylum should be applied there before the USA.

@TheMiddleWay then don't make claims that you know aren't truthful..

I've made no false claims. What are you going on about?

Just wondering If your homeland is safe why aren't you living in your homeland?

@TheMiddleWay read your reply to Think Twice..

Safety isn't the only reason for a person to immigrate, now is it? 😉

I did read my reply. I read it twice. I've made no false claims. What are you going on about?

@TheMiddleWay "that same discord doesn't exist in Guatemala, Nicaragua or Honduras"..

That's true. It's not the same. The political discord that is driving people out of Venezuela in droves currently doesn't exist in those countries. So if I'm coming to the USA on the pretext of escaping the political violence that exists in Venezuela, as per my understanding, they should apply for asylum in other countries along the way first that don't have said political violence regardless of other potential problems the countries have.

After all, the premise of the OP is that even coming to the USA is not the safest choice for people with children given the current handling of these children. In this case, then you are safer in Honduras than the USA since at least in Honduras (AFAIK) they won't take your children away and lose them.

Also, I did a check: as far as travel advisories from the US state department, Honduras only has one for one isolated city at level 3 [1] while all of Mexico is at level 2 [2].

Based on this, it's safer to stay in Honduras than to travel through Mexico

[1] []


@TheMiddleWay the determination of safety is not something that is subjective or controlled by standards used to travel...I have a passport that says I can't travel to Cuba...Cuba is perfectly safe to travel...

Mexico is not deemed a safe third can't just say it is safe because it is safe to travel has to be determined by those with more power than your word...


The fact that Mexico is safe to travel and that Honduras is more safe than Mexico is the power of the US state departments words, not the power of my words. Hence, an asylum seeker has many options to seek asylum before the USA and because "asylum shopping" is against international law, they should seek those options before coming to the USA. They may very well end up in the US eventually... but they can't "shop" for the US for otherwise asylum can be viewed as an excuse to immigrate to the US (or any country of your choice) as opposed to seeking safety outside your current country.

@TheMiddleWay I agree with what you are trying to put forth...choosing the USA because of other reasons, lifestyle, etc. Almost all countries have laws so that people can't just choose whatever country they want for whatever reason, even good Australia is very hard to move to if you have no money and no skills...I get that we can't just open the doors for whoever just decides they want to be in America...

The current debate is to get Mexico qualified to be a third safe country (it has nothing to do with travel ...the qualifications include human rights violation, gang and political violence, food production and safety, etc.)...but until then, asylum seekers have no option other than show up at the US border and apply for asylum...

The notion of "asylum seeking" is not tied into the Icelandic notion of Safe countries, however. 😉

So that really bears no weight on this issue given that, using Venezuela as an example, if they seek political asylum based on what is currently happening in Venezuela, then any other south and central american country will do since what is happening in Venezuela is not happening there... it need not be the US.

@TheMiddleWay I agree...with respect to Venezuela...neighboring countries can do their part and are closer to help...and if Mexico can be made a third safe country, then yes, they need to help deal with the issue as well...

I personally don't know why Mexicans would even want to come to the USA anymore and know that that flow has to stop...Mexico is beautiful, thriving, and doing well economically...some areas better than the USA!

I think that's the point of the original post: that the USA is not the land of milk and honey for immigrants and thus they may want to reconsider coming here in the first place. 😟

@TheMiddleWay I just think many are just tired of the USA being the catch all and fixer of all things worldly...on one hand, I am sort of proud that people once thought we were the best place in the world to be...and yet, now saddened to learn we are not...

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