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LINK Jeff Koons 'Rabbit' Sells For $91 Million, A New Record For A Living Artist : NPR

Robert Mnuchin, the father of the Treasury Secretary won the bid!
This is why the poor suffering 1%ers need that tax cut.

jerry99 8 May 16

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There is a reason it is called stupid rich....


Stupid rich


Aint I seen that in Hobby Lobby?


I wonder if he would like to buy some wall art?


I wouldn't pay $9.10 for that.

I wouldn't pay .91 cents for it.


I realize art is subjective in nature, and trashing a persons taste isn't really my cup of tea but
91 million, really IMHO just a tad over the top.
Actually thinking about this makes my hemorrhoid ache.


How much fo a soda?
Good lawd. How much fo a diet soda?
Now how you gonna charge me $1.00 fo a diet soda when there ain't no sugar in it?

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