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LINK All Your Favorite HGTV Shows Are Totally Fake

I used to be a big fan of HGTV, but it kept getting more and more unreal, way out of my league houses, and too many moments of "what were they thinking!" Well, this dirt is spilled now.

HippieChick58 9 May 19

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All "reality shows" are fake, fake, fake So is most everything else on television! Read more books!


Ummm, so, you're saying other TV shows are really real? R9FLMAO!


Did anyone out there actually think these shows weren't all scripted (i.e. "fake" ) ????? Seriously, I got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. 😉


I wouldn't watch TV if my GF didn't have it on. Fortunately, it's mostly Masterpiece Theater. I don't listen to radio either. Even NPR is too fake for me. If a person isn't smart enough to see past the disingenuousness of media, their attitudes and behavior are probably being altered by it.


I pretty much figured that all along after watching this old house and some of the very expensive projects Bob Vila used to get into. But then again I do all of my own home renovations anyhow.


There have been multiple lawsuits brought by people who feel they've been ripped off by some of the shows they were featured on.
I don't watch everything on that network, but the shows I watch, I enjoy.

My question is WHO the hell decided that gray is a "trendy" color?
I can't stand it, or the use of brass and gold for fixtures.

Also, I cannot tolerate Chip and Joanna Gaines. I find them both truly detestable.

OMG!! We are truly sisters of different mothers. I loathe the Gaines and their Magnolia Home stuff. I LOATHE gray! I don't even like shades that are greyish. My oldest did the nursery in shades of gray and I thought poor little guy! I made a quilt for him, in shades of gray, I nearly hated making it. Thank goodness it was a crib size, therefore small quilt. Most of my fixtures in my house are brushed nickle or something silvery. My sister and BFF loves the Gaines stuff, even visited their store in Texas. Well, she is almost perfect otherwise. I remember before HGTV there was another network with some home dec shows, where neighbors did a project in the other neighbors house, it really seemed like the decorators had it in for the families. There were some lawsuits and some unhappy neighbors. I'm not letting anyone else in my house to make decorating decisions. I may not have great taste, but I know what I like and am willing to live with.


The vast majority of ALL TV is for entertainment purposes only and designed to sell products.


Too much TV is in the format of "reality TV." The trouble is that there is no reality to it. Pawn shop shows and Naked and Afraid fall into these categories as well. A friend of mine went to Vegas and was told not to photograph the items in a certain area because they were going to be used for the next season of the pawn shop show. Then the old man died and we have no show. One of the others is doing Lifelock on TV and also works in Vegas clubs.

Things like the above are why I am more into Retro TV and similar shows. They were scripted too but they never pretended to be real and they never asked you to believe that they were real.


The link is fixed now, I think.

WOW. I never suspected some of that stuff – stay away from HGTV homeowners!!


I knew this early on...a friend of mine had already bought her home but they wanted her to be on House was interesting still how it was done...the practicality of it all made sense...

I still love that channel...who cares? It is entertainment, not a documentary...


Your link opens to a book selling on Amazon, for me. But I've suspected HGTV is too good to be true.

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