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If you were being sent off to an isolated island with 3 other people, who would you pick to go with you?

I'd pick my husband and my middle brother. I think my brother needs to take a female of his choice so we can populate this island with more helping hands. lol.

silvereyes 8 Mar 10

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That would depend, many assume it would be idyllic, what if it is horrific? Inhospitable and such?
Woudl also depend how long for, if it is forever, it woud be dooming who ever I took.
If I took my pets, would I be able to feed them? I couldn't eat them.


This is a very Sartre question. Short term, people I like but don't know. Long term, people I don't like and that aren't trust worthy. Reasoning: Short term: getting to know people is fun, and helps out in a stressful situation. Long term: In the beginning, even people you don't like will 'tend' to work with you for will eventually hate your friends when stuck with them. And then you will feel bad about it which will make you hate them more. So, I choose people that I can have intrigue with, keep it interesting. Lord of the Flies interesting...


Kevin Smith, Mark Hamill and Shakira...

Mmmm, Shakira! <3


Robin Williams for laughs, Sophia Vergara for "entertainment" and for anything else......Macgyver!


Tesla, Snoop Dog, and Trumps hooker friend

Hutch Level 7 Mar 18, 2018

Of course one who will stay with me.


a singing fisherman & a strumming handyman.


Eva Mendes, Sofia Vergara, and Salma Hayek. Honorable mentions: J Lo, Rosario Dawson, Tessa Thompson and a few others lol

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