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Have you ever been put in a box by someone else defining you - if so How did you get out without being mean

jacpod 8 Mar 11

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In my experience, if someone is defining you negatively, they may be doing it to make themselves feel better about themselves. You can try to explain yourself until you're hoarse, they simply refuse to let you grow out of the box they are confining you to.

So I've learned to just get out - and don't waste time and energy on people like that. Seek out someone who likes to assume the best in people, not the worst. You'll be happier. It's their loss.

Thanks that helped!


People like to define us, to understand us, to control us.


Why is being mean not an option?

I think - (maybe wrongly )that whatever I put out there into all that ether comes back doubled , and that you catch more flies with sugar than vinegar - also I don't want to be a grumppy gogs as it affects me more.

@jacpod it’s just that sometimes, being mean may be the best option. I wouldn’t want to limit myself


Constantly. I just ignore them. No one chooses who I am. I do.


I never concerned myself with how others defined me. I simply did what I thought was right and said what I thought.


All the time but its there problem, not mine


If I am reading your question correctly, . . . Have I been stereotyped by an intellectually inferior person in an attempt to justify his/her unfounded position of "moral"/etc. superiority and/or diversity? Yes. As for getting out without being mean? - - - I don't. I adamantly defend the many facets of who I am and merit of my positions. If this includes demonstrating the myopic inferiority of a person attempting to pigeonhole me, so be it. People often accuse me of being nice. I tell them I am not nice. I am fair and honest and generally treat people with empathy and kindness but If anyone attempts to limit the definition of who I am. I am not nice and I believe this is the correct response.


I have simplely stated I have previously been incorrectly labeled to the shame of the person making the assessment.It would be unpleasant if you found yourself in the same predictament.


I'm a schizophrenic and I get put in a box all the time by people thinking I'm a psycho or something. My comeback is just to be myself because I seem just like a normal person when I do and it goes against what they think they know about this affliction.


I got a divorce.

nice one!


I'm unsure. I'm a nice person though, so idc what people think of me.

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