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LINK Donald Trump Is The Most Honest US President Of All Time

"The most aggressive anti-Trumpists have no interest in real change, they just want things to go back to the way they were before Trump, which is actually just wanting to go back to the conditions which gave rise to Trump. They’re not interested in waking up, they’re interested in smoothing an uncomfortable wrinkle in their bedsheets so that they can go back to sleep.

And if that happens, fine, whatever; it’s not like they were taking any meaningful action against the ugly face of empire anyway. But at least things got shaken up with a little honesty for a while. A little corrupt, blood-spattered, button-popping honesty."

WilliamCharles 8 June 4

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She makes some good points. Trump is the shit that drew all the flies into the open.
Now we just wait and see if people choose to react responsibly or ignore it.

"The most aggressive anti-Trumpists have no interest in real change,"

Which are who? Liberals? Mexicans? Women?
It's hard to say who hates him more.

I think she means so many of the centrists looking to rewind to previous admin and little more.


That's a stretch. Moving backwards isn't helpful.

I think that's what her essay is arguing against.


There is an army of progressives fighting for change who hate Trump so I disagree that all anti Trump people want things to stay the same. Trump in no way is messing with that system, he is making it stronger. He is no threat to the establishment that's why they all go along with what he does. His talk of change is another lie, over 10,000 and counting. He only gives lip service to the populous message but this is better than the Democratic establishment who only want to return to Obama era. Obama was a right wing tool because the Democratic party is actually right winged. Bernie is actually a centerist. They have just so bastardized the system there is no left wing allowed in the political process. Most people are pissed off but they are pissed at the wrong people. I stead of dividing the people the media could unite the people with ease because most of us support the same policies. All of Bernie's policies poll at 65-85%. Not a single policy polls less than 50% but ye is called radical. If you want someone who is fighting for real change try the guy that has fought for you for over 30 years. The mainstream media is attempting to influence the election by pumping the idea only an establishment person can win, like Hillary. They are so stupid and corrupt they would rather have Trump in office than Bernie because he is a threat. We at the bottom will continue getting screwed as long as we keep playing this Republican against Democratic voting for a lesser of two evils. It's just used to divide our power so we can't actually change things.


Conservatives are really reaching. They are to the point that they are claiming that tRump's extreme corruption and incompetence are benefits because they expose the system.

I'm trying decide if republicans really think anyone will buy that or if they're just stuck playing the tribal card because it's all they have. Either way it's disgusting.

I personally hope we survive the experience. Remember what Bill Watterson had Calvin say in his comic -- 'Nothing is ever so bad that it can't get worse'.

From the link:

To be clear, I am not saying that Trump actually tells the truth with his words; he obviously does not. Trump is so comfortable with lying that he once tweeted the claim that he’d never urged House Republicans to vote for a particular immigration bill, three days after posting a tweet explicitly urging House Republicans to vote for that bill. He left both tweets up. I mean, that’s like one click away from literally looking someone in the eye while urinating on their leg and telling them it must be the rain.


No, when I say that Trump is the most honest US president of all time, what I mean is that he has a unique gift for exposing the face of the empire for exactly what it is, in all its depravity, all its deceitfulness, all its corruption, and in this case, all its jaw-dropping ridiculousness.


Never heard of Caitlin Johnstone before but I like her style

She consistently pretty damn awesome. Was glad I found her too.

@WilliamCharles I will definitely be searching out some more of her stuff


He is a pathological liar. It's all spin from the far right. He cannot help himself. He lies all the time, even when there is taped evidence of what he said earlier, he said that he never said it. Liar. Liar. Liar.

The author qualifies what is meant by her mention of his honesty. I found it most accurate.


Not sure if you're just being sarcastic, but if his lips are moving he's lying. I've often wondered what people see in this unqualified, self centered, self serving dick. Quoting your post "But at least things got shaken up with a little honesty for a while. A little corrupt, blood-spattered, button-popping honesty." Is this what you see in him? Shaking things up? No matter that he is alienating our allies and embracing brutal dictators and despots and passing draconian laws. He is an embarrassment to our country.

You need to read the link. The author makes her point quite clearly.

@WilliamCharles Sorry, I'm not getting it. Yes, she states the guy is a pathological liar and somehow that's a good thing.


What she's saying is that corporatism in service of the elite has always been a bad thing, but this strips away the veneer it often had.

At least that's my take. Obama got elected partially by his position against the Iraq war, but when in office went from 2 wars to 7.

@WilliamCharles ,
obama was the most corrupt, odious human being to ever inhabit the WH.
yet a large % of the population still idolize him. which is why there is no hope whatsoever for the american ppl.

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