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How many have seen the Truman Show? I just now watched it and found it amazing! Being raised in and then denouncing religion really made this movie hit home for me. Did you guys like it? What do you think of it? I'm sure there are plenty of signs, symbols and points I missed!

Think9889 4 Mar 12

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Beautiful movie. Written by Andrew Niccol, no less.

Marz Level 7 Mar 13, 2018

During the 2016 election, I joked that on election night, no one should tell Trump that he lost, and put him on a set like the Truman Show where people pretended it was really the White House and he was really President and it would be super-funny so NOBODY TELL HIM HE LOST.

...The joke's on us.


It was quite scary but really good.


Has been years, think I would need a refresher course.


I haven't but want to, sounds my sort of show.


Loved it. As I loved Ed TV.


I watched it and found it was quite symbolic, religious/deconversion wise. I was on the cusp of renouncing Christianity when it was released. I thought the movie was excellent. I visited Seaside, FL (where it was filmed) not long after the movie came out. I frequently visited Destin, so decided to check it out.



I was thinking about that movie just a couple days ago.


Yes I like it


I watched it so many years ago, I need to watch it again. And you're right, it is totally a metaphor for leaving religion.


You might also enjoy "The Invention of Lying" by Ricky Gervais. Some similar feels...


I always thought Mount Rushmore was bigger too.


You know you reached pop culture iconic status when there’s a condition named after your film.


That was heart breaking in a way.

Everything he believed was a lie and a joke.


I just put it on my Netflix(?) list to rewatch. I loved it! Aside from the acting and direction, which were both on point, it really drove home the idea that we create our cosmologies instead of them creating us.

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