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LINK A Pastor Who Wanted Women Executed for Abortions Was Arrested for Raping a Child | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

I would think most pedophiles would be against abortion. It is easiest for them to "groom" children who were unwanted.

snytiger6 9 June 17

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despicable. clearly HE KNOWS there is no god. hope it convinces his congregation of that as well. i know. pipe dream.


People desperate to control others are more often than not abusers in one way or another.


Public stocks, very slow quartering, and removal of all genital bits.

I know this might "VIOLATE" the rules against promotion of violence.

JacarC Level 8 July 28, 2019

Not too surprised.

Not surprisign at all. It seems most of hte time, the persons who condemn others the loudest are trying to distract from what they are doig themselves.


total removal of genitals, without numbing, ala FGM, And then dropshipped in the middle of the sahara.

I agree with the sentiment in concept, but in reality I am for giving them anesthesia to remove their gentials, but give them the full term in prison to go with it.

@snytiger6 They cut the girls without concern. No quarter for any of them.


To me, this justifies at least opening up the conversation in the world of psychology to classify this type of thinking as a mental illness in the context of religion. It might be too much of a slippery slope though because then conservatives who are against abortion, but for taking away benefits from people with small children could also enter the conversation. Also, religious people who don't fit either of those categories would be stigmatized too for something they don't do. So they would have to make religion the mental illness. That's not going to happen.

This is so disturbing though.


How the mighty fall. And his church should be commend for excommunicating him, so often churches stand by their pastors no matter what they do or have done.


So what's new?


Why am I no longer surprised.


He was released on only $50K bond. If he were not a 'clergy' scumbag the bond would have been much higher and maybe not even allowed. Another way the state accommodates religion especially in Texass.



sean Level 3 June 17, 2019

Off with his penis!

JacarC Level 8 June 17, 2019

More appropriate death penalty?

I think that would be suitable... in addition to jail time.

@snytiger6 Yes, put him in the general prison population .... other inmates with punish him. Some of the inmates have murdered adults but they hate pedophiles and will give them appropriate torture.

@Joshj78 de-penis-action and then let him free range.


I used to staff the reception desk at Child Protection. I had to greet men with large anti-abortion buttons on their shirts. These very sick dudes had raped their daughters. Of course, they are against abortion. They want little girls (and also little boys) to rape.

SKH78 Level 8 June 17, 2019

I am guessing that for most, this whole abortion battle is about morals they don't posses or morality that they cannot recognize. In a pathetic way, it's a feel good moment for them. Maybe "penance" is the word I am looking for ?


If those are in religion and commit these acts can not believe because if they did they would never do the things they do or they would kill themselves


Oh... Look at that...

Remi Level 7 June 17, 2019



Ah - yet another believing pillar of the community ...

I work in Child Protection. It is really something .... all the "pillars of the community" who beat, rape and kill their children.

@SKH78 not so surprising - unfortunately. Damn them !

@SKH78 The pro-lifers, huh? Strange that an unborn child has more rights than one who is already here.


How's about we start executing pedophiles?
Makes more sense than executing women for having abortions.

KKGator Level 9 June 17, 2019

Can my mother in law be first?

One of the criminals least likely to change and will almost always repeat offend- and, they are too often let out early because they are considered non violent offenders and space needs to be available for mandatory drug offenders.

no killing women for having abortions it is saving a child from being unwanted and abused. Pedifiles are mentally ill it is an illness they can not control. Not sure if castration will be any good. Killing them might be too extreme

Chemical castration

@benhmiller No, benmiller, if heroin addicts cango coldf turkey and stay clean for the rest of their lives, pedophiles can refrain from their unnaturalobsessions. Their deeply held beliefs will certainly help. And cutting off their testicles will also help.

ive always thought that castration of the entire genitalia would be a more suitable punishment. Let them live with that...

@Metahuman They still have hands and mouths. They need to be dispatched with extreme prejudice.
They do not deserve to breathe.

@benhmiller Horseshit.
Women are not broodmares and birth control fails.
The unborn have NO intrinsic value.
That is a fact.

Pedophiles CAN control their actions, they just choose not to.
Even if it's a mental illness, it cannot be cured, and they will
always be a threat. It makes sense to execute them.

@KKGator The lion's share of testosterone comes form the testes. If you catrate a person, you also remove a great deal of their sex drive. Persoally I am fo both castration and inprinsonment of pedophiles.

@snytiger6 You are entitled to your opinion. I still believe they should be executed.

@KKGator I would be happy to do the job. First, however, I would apply torture.

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