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Should the US continue to back Israel in its sectarian war with the Palestinians?

The days of Israel being seen as a new nation surrounded by hostile neighbors is over. It is no longer the sanctuary of homeless Europeans displaced by a tyrant bent on genocide romanticized in "Exodus" and supported by other nations feeling guilty about having turned away Jewish refugees before and during WWII. Instead it has become the aggressor being led by the right wing nationalist Netanyahu. Israel acts like the bratty little kid who taunts his enemies knowing his big brother will come to his rescue in the event the dispute comes to blows. As far as I'm concerned the US should not send one more dime or bullet to Israel. They should sink or swim by their own efforts and work out their differences through diplomacy in their religious wars.

By GareBear517
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Absolutely NOT.....Its pretty sad these people have fought all these years because of Abraham's Bastard Palestinian child. Our country has a history of getting involved with other country's affairs and it always ends in Disaster...Its time our country focus on our issues and maybe we can resolve them.

twshield Level 8 Nov 13, 2017

53% of our annual budget goes to the military and much of that goes to maintain overseas bases that have nothing to do with defending our shores but everything to do with protecting "American interests," read the interests of the corporate plutocracy in grabbing mineral resources and keeping markets open. We have a presence in 53 of the 54 nations on the African continent. Why? The money would be better spent here at home replacing our rickety infrastructure.


Even if it were to end, it wouldn't be overnight. I agree with your overall feelings that Israel is the aggressor, that they have to vacate the West Bank, allow Palestinians to use Jerusalem, and allow the Palestinians have a country. How all that should/could come about I don't have a clue. I'm sure there are people around with legit ideas. And yes, the US should reduce their arm deals with Israel and many other parts of the world, but as long as $ is king, wars will continue.

AstralSmoke Level 8 Nov 13, 2017

Netanyahu is a bright thug engaged in imperialism, aggressive nationalism and apartheid-like action. We should say to Israel:" If you will show the wisdom and courage to sincerely try to create a lasting peace with your adversaries, and to treat Palestineans as real first class Israelis we will guarantee your security. If not, we cannot morally back your actions and you will find yourself increasingly isolated."

wordywalt Level 8 Nov 13, 2017

This is just 2 groups of people who instead of coming together and recognising their similarities have decided that it'd be easier and for some reason more logical to just kill one another for the sake of a religious text and the ideals within them. When you murder someone for their opinion I think maybe it isn't justifiable. But who really cares who dies? At the end of the day it doesn't affect me so I say let mad dogs kill mad dogs.

Lancer Level 7 Nov 13, 2017

What people need to realize is that all these issues do affect them personally if in no other way than the misdirection of the taxes they pay away from building a more humane society at home rather than feeding a bloated military to the benefit of the corporatist plutocrats who now make our foreign policy.


I agree with your whole statement, but, to play devils advocate, what would happen when Israel becomes a completely independent rogue nation, immune to any 'western' influence? Perhaps the US should use it's influence to tame the beast that is disturbing most of the planet?

GothRik Level 6 Nov 13, 2017

The US is already a rogue nation and becoming more so. We send troops anywhere around the world with impunity and are the only nation that does not support world wide action against climate change. We rattle our swords, er, atomic weapons, to bully our way through any crisis. We cry crocodile tears about trade deficits with other nations when such deficits reflect that we squander more of the world's resources than any other nation. Maybe the world needs a few more rogue nations to stand up to us.


The Israel/Palestine problem was created by the winners of the first world war, with the Balfour Declaration, and they have conveniently washed their hands of it letting the US pick up the cudgels to continue supporting the state that was thus created. Unfortunately once the eggs have been scrambled there is no putting them back in their shells so to speak, so the resolution of the situation that has developed will probably take many generations, and more bloodshed.

Squirrellglider Level 7 Nov 13, 2017

The US is happy to "pick up the cudgels" because we have anointed ourselves as the world's policeman. These nations are glad to give up the expense and bother of their own self-defense at the expense of the US taxpayer. As other nations surge ahead of us in building societies characterized by strong social safety nets we lag ever further behind. Education, medical care and scientific breakthroughs are just examples of the benefits we forego as we maintain a bloated military. Like so many other issues, yes, it may take generations to remedy this situation Or we can be more outspoken in our objections.

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