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Perhaps for them religion is all about apperances and not about how you actually live your life.


Mitt Romney is correct in saying that innocent until proven guilty is for a court of law, not an election. Isn’t this perfectly clear concerning the Russian allegations of our WH?
The allegations against Moore are well enough substantiated that Mitch McConnell believes them. Voting for a true evil to protect party line is not sanctioned in The Bible. Doing so would be, well, evil.
Evangelicals get no pass on this. Possibly the surprise that a democratic Senator doesn’t try to take away their gun rights will amaze them enough to drop their hatred. A hatred so strong it would make them consider doing evil.


It is disgraceful. It makes me proud to be an atheist and embarrassed to be an American.

Well said, sir! I share your sentiment, sadly.


I don’t live in Alabama but I live in a rural area of a red state. People here are about as dense and would probably vote for the sucker. I don’t like big cities but there have been so many times I’ve really wondered if living here is worth it or not.

gearl Level 7 Nov 13, 2017

I suspect for many of the men, they may believe in, and condone Moore's behaviors ... some may have dabbled themselves. That would make Moore their hero. Ugh


Those dangerous religious "true believers" are a clear and present danger to our democracy. They lust so much for the power to impose their theology on us that they will believe perverts who support their religious cause.

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