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An Update and a Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who listened to me vent about my daughter and offered advice or just kind words. It has been very much appreciated.

I don't know what triggered this episode but, as of this am, she is heading home. Not sure what made her change her mind and right now I don't care.

She forgot she had her state income tax check in the car so she cashed that and is heading home.

Hopefully she will share the whats and whys once she is home and we both can plan for her future together.

Lots of life lessons we both can learn from this...once she is home and I am no longer at Defcon 1.

I think the biggest one I need to recognize is that this is who she is now and to stop thinking that all of this is just a symptom of the attack and will go away. It may go away some day but until it does, there are things things she and I need to work together to address in the event of this happening again.

Crimson67 8 Mar 14

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Thanks for the update, and remember not to be too 'helpful' with your advice and planning acumen as parents are won't to be. Listen and try (I know this is hard) not to talk too much. Happy to hear she's at least safe and heading your way.


Awesome news!


I did not comment on your post...but as a parent, I know how difficult it is and how it can hurt me as a parent! Being a parent never ends, but it does change and needs to...for the sake of the parent and child. The bottom line is, we don't want our child to be hurt and we don't want to loose them, to death! And, once we can move past that fear and 'know' that when life happens, we will deal with it, a parent and child is free to live with courage!


Kids got learn the hard way sometimes we can't Gide them forever good luck


While I respond to a lot of your posts I didn't respond to the original post because I have no children. I could speculate what I would do, but that would be just that, speculation. I hope it works out for both of you. My realationships with my parents was very important to me.


Really pleased to hear that your daughter is safe and appears to be heading home. Hope things start to move in the right direction {{{{{Michele}}}}} 🙂


Your more than welcome, maybe she needs to talk to like minded people.

I suffer from similar things and it's a relief to be with like-minded people. I thought I was losing my mind for a couple of years so didn't even tell anyone.


Whew, that is fantastic news!!! I am so happy for you and your daughter, I bet you are about to burst!


doing the happy dance...and I do have a happy ain't right, but I have one...

@Crimson67 It was, quite literally, the cats meow...haha...


@SACatWalker It's an option on my keyboard. (phone)
Hit the Sym key, and then the 1/2 right above ABC.
Shape options come up.

@SACatWalker Ahaha! Wonderful.


So glad to hear it. Modern life is very alienating, so it will be good for your daughter to be back with someone who cares.


Glad she is on her way back. Accepting her where she is as she is , is a big step.Whether its from trauma or not sometimes some of the changes are with us a long time


Glad she's headed home.
My offer still stands.


Best news I've read in ages. Thanks for letting us know 🙂

Jnei Level 8 Mar 14, 2018

This is wonderful news. Thank you for updating us. All the best to you and your daughter.


I'd definitely advise therapy together - as well as therapy for her - when she gets home.

Nice to hear she is returning on her own.

PTSD really engages the flight or fight response and I suspect she needs to learn more about her condition to not fall into these pitfalls.

I can only imagine your stress level.

@Crimson67 if I am assigned a new therapist I have to feel them out for a few sessions to see if we 'click'. If not I ask for a new therapist and it's a no-harm no-foul situation. If you are not happy with the therapist then request a different one. I use the V.A. but it should be the same on post.


As a parent, and even though there is much work to do, that must be a sigh of relief.

@Crimson67 makes sense

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