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Do You Have An Age You Turned Which Made You Sad?

They say "Age Is Nothing But A Number" well I think its a matter of perspective.

From the age of 18 to my late 20's I mainatined a youth appearance and constantly got ID'ed if I bought alcohol, cigarettes or entered a night club.

When I turned 30, it was very emotional because the baby face was gone, I was starting to get a little gray in my hair. I also noticed I wasnt getting ID'ed anymore.

Please tell me if there was an age you turned that was hard or emotional for you.

twshield 8 Mar 14

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Actually I have not. I'm 71 and age is just a number. I have a friend that lamented forever the fact that he turned 40. I thought it was funny. My take on age might be because I've been down the marriage road 4 times now. Two were younger and two were older. I feel like I have lived a very long life because of this, but I'm not ready to leave yet. Life is but a movie in which I have played many parts along with many other people.


Not regrets, I have a back injury and it limits me. When I was younger was very physical. Had energy and stamina that was hard to match. At about 33 they discovered that have progressive disc disease. Slowed me down. Back then a 20 mile hike to bear rock was nothing.


Today I turned 35 and it sucks. I feel about 60 physically (I've broke a ridiculously large amount of bones) at least I don't look that old. Also I want to have kids before I get too old and my male biological clock is ticking like a motherf*cker.

Roman Level 4 Mar 15, 2018

WHEN I TURNED 60! I had many health problems to go along with that age, but it rang my bell!

hope your health improves!


It was when I was 49 in 2000. (I lied a bit about my age on here in case anyone's checking)

Always thought I wouldn't actually be old by then.

Never expected to live this long.

I am 46 now and when i turn 50 i know it will be tough so i will make sure i am in Europe on an great vacation on my birthday to help ease the pain!


I turn 21 in a few months, so I’ll finally be an “adult.” Yay?

congrats! Randy


50 - no doubt about it 50. Too old to get a new job at the pay you are getting if laid off or quit - you realize you have to ride that horse until either the horse or you drop dead. Stuck like a butterfly on a pinning board. As well, at about 50 - the body begins its slow decline - that which was phsically easy at age 40 -- not so easy -- and it only gets harder.

On the other hand -- all of the above is beatable -- you might just get to 60 and have a real retirement - then you can take your time and start a 2nd life -- modern medicine is a godsend to growing old (think Viagra). You'll never be 28 again, but you won't be a washed up shell of yourself!

lol thanks!


Believe it or not, 12. 12 was it for me.


I'm turning 30, and I'm wondering if I should feel bad about it or not.

Why would you?

@Gwendolyn2018 Because there are certain things you can do better at 20 than you can at 30. It goes both ways, but I can no longer be twenty and regret that I'm not 30. Plus I missed out on a lot in my 20s.

@Honestape At my great age, I have learned there is no benefit or gain from mourning or missing what has passed. There are many more things I can do well at 65 than I could at 20 or 30. There some I do not as well, but the trade off is fine. However, I am in good health and many, even younger, are not.

You should not.


I think when I turned 40. The grey hairs really started kicking in then..

balou Level 8 Mar 14, 2018

It was all down hill at 30 for me, with only an occasional up swing. I've got 50 in my sights (Holy Crap!!!) but I usually feel like I should still be in my 30s.
I guess I'm a grown-up but most days I really have no idea what I'm doing. ?


I just turned 30. I feel old.


I cried when I turned 38. That meant my oldest son was about to turn 18 and become an adult.

I used to cry on every birthday from 1993 until about 2000. My youngest died of SIDS the day after my birthday; but as the time passes by it's less painful. I still don't like or celebrate my birthday though.


But, but . . .that's the answer, isn't it?

@Gwendolyn2018 no, that was my first birthday after my son’s death, every birthday since has felt like reality just taking me farther from him :/

@NothinnXpreVails Ah, pardon my blithe reply. I thought that you were being facetious.?

@Gwendolyn2018 no worries, the reference doesn’t escape me


I'm not thrilled with the one coming up next month.

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