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I'd like to see how many hardcore science fiction fans are on here. I edited fanzines sine about 1077 to the year all fanzines died, around 1990. I've attended science fiction conventions, both as just a fan and as a dealer. I was a panelist and guest at the last Inconjunction, and I hope to have tables at ConQuest and Inconjunction (and, possibly Archon) this year.


Robotbuilder 7 Mar 15

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I am a reader but not a superfan.


Don't know that I am hardcore but nearly everything I watch is sci-fi/fantasy with the occasional documentary or biography thown in.

I've always wanted to cos-play but never did. I've collected in the past but rarely buy merch anymore.


1077 , huh , were you lucky enough to meet King Authur ?


Sci-Fi and Fantasy are often together. I like both, but less Fantasy than Sci-Fi. The junction between science and sci-fi is very good, but science is often best.


I'm not sure I'm hardcore, but I like Sci-Fi. I'm not a big reader, but when I do it's usually Sci-Fi or fantasy. Movies and TV?Sure - either Sci-Fi or documentaries; I like Science Fact too. 😉


I love Sci fi and have read all off Asimov and many others,own films but only one comicon and don't stalk actors, so guess I'm not hardcore 😉 Will ever regret selling my 1990's collection of Deadline, Tank Girl and 2000ADs, love the characters and stories, the new ones don't seem to compare, especially for female protagonists.

Asimov invented idea of the internet.

Phillip K Dick had wifi in The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch too 🙂


I grok this post.


I taught myself better American English by reading all the Science Fiction available in the US Army library in Stuttgart. I love all the classic mentioned here before, in addition to Arthur C Clarke, Usula Le Guin, Kate Wilhelm, Harlan Ellison and Ted Sturgeon. I went to 1 convention, Dr.Who , in Rochester NY. Saw Douglas Adams speak at the University of Rochester many years later.
I am now in the re-reading phase of my favorites.


Not sure about hardcore but I've loved science fiction since a young lad, waaay back into last century.
Not the only genre I like but always my favorite.


I used to be the what amounted as the fiction editor for a Star Trek Romulan based fanzine. I've been to Balticon, though it's been decades and have gone to DragonCon and GenCon (much more gaming). I've done cosplay at cons, and an age ago, I got to help represent the National Air and Space Museum at a ShoreLeave star trek convention when I had an intership down in DC.

I also like hard SF, Niven, Bear etc.

velk Level 4 Mar 15, 2018

I'm a fan of hardcore science fiction more than a hardcore science fiction fan. Read the books, watch the movies and TV series but never really been into the merchandise and convention side.
Anyone else remember Omni or authors like Stanislaw Lem and Robert L. Forward or maybe Daniel F. Galouye and Sherri S. Tepper.

Kimba Level 7 Mar 15, 2018

Omni was just too damned good to last. I read every issue cover to cover as soon as it arrived.

liked Omni for its articles. the fiction was often too speculative for me.

@velk considering I liked The Planiverse by A.K.Dewdney and Iain M Banks as a more recent author esoteric and highly speculative are about my speed.

Ditto. Yes, Omni was a great magazine.

I loved Omni. I had just renewed when I got the letter informing me that the rest of my subscription would be replaced with popular science which I was already a subscriber to.


Didn't they just go online instead of print?

When comics were more of an actual print thing I liked the horror stuff.

Drifted into Stepen King.


Westercon from WAY ('82-ish) back and for many years. Groundfloor of Hexacon (in Arizona, not the East Coast one) and was part of it through Hex III or Hex IV (was busy with college at the time).

Huge reader of fiction of all types. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Heinlein, Asimov, Clark were my formative authors.

Somehow I never got into fanzines. That said, I find it hard to believe that fanzines are no more. Instead I figured that they were online and, sure enough, after a very short search I found evidence of online life in the realm. Part of the reason I belived that was true is I have friends who are active/avid writers in the Slah and Slashfic (I think I got those right) communities. So, FanFic is still out there, and some even accuse themselves of being FanZines but they are online.

I am impressed that you have been doing Science Fiction since 1077... do you recall the details of the Battle of Hastings (1066?). (Sorry, I know it's a typo but I couldn't resist.)


Big Sci-Fi Fan.Attended Conversions For Many Years Now.Babylon 5 Was My Favourite,Met All The Cast,And Have Signed Photographs.

Coldo Level 8 Mar 15, 2018

I so love Babylon 5, well except for that last season. I liked Excalibur too. Favorite episodes are Late Delivery from Avalon and Passing Through Gethsemane.

@velk Unfortunately Excalibur Didn't Last Long.I Would Have Liked Too Have Seen The Rangers Series Get A Chance.


My first SciFi Con was when World Con was in Baltimore . I've seen Issac Asimov , Robert Heinlline , and Terry Prachette , amoung others .


I do like science fiction but I have no idea what you are talking about.

OK. I should have used less jargon. Fanzine= fan magazine, a printed small press magazine devoted to whatever the editor is interested in. Conventions are gatherings of science fiction fans. Dealers sell science fiction related merchandise at said conventions. Fanspeak terms such as FIAWOL, WAHF, and egoboo will be taught in the next course. 😉

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