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How's your mental strength ?

Wildgreens 7 Mar 15

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Strong as a quadraplegics legs


On any day I can give a detailed account of the turning points of history, other days I travel 10 miles back to to retrieve a smart phone that is in my shirt pocket.


I'm working out with DUMBbells lately.

Then progress into some more intelligent weight? lol

@surfdad08 πŸ™‚


I do no less than 40 mental push-ups and 40 mental sit-ups a day. Not doing the run anymore, even mentally. πŸ™‚


My Opinion! Lol ????

Coldo Level 8 Mar 15, 2018

When in doubt Kilt up, and impress. slainte!


I have found that I have a huge well of inner strength; in a crisis I am at my strongest. I can cope mentally and through action while those around me fall apart and run around like chickens with their heads cut off. I thrive on what others consider stress, the tougher it gets the higher I function; on the reverse side when things are easy I tend to coast.


Better now.


Each day is a new day, learning it as I go. Still have a long way to go, life teaches everyday whether you like it or not. Lesson or two to learn everyday. Mental strength varies time to time, thing is we are all vulnerable but what matters is the way one lifts themselves and keep going, some have luck some have talent, I have a will to never give up.


In some ways terrible and others very strong


I'm as fit as a fiddle...faddle....or so the voices in my head tell me...they want popcorn candy.

Tell them to shut up and eat their chocolate.


yeah, pretty bloody good to be honest,
pity my physical strength is so much less,


Focused ,logical, pure, and lucid.


I can lift mental weights with little effort ...


Been like a roller coaster lately..


It has not always been my strogest asset, but in the past few years, I am a rock. Getting past a deep depression can make your mind convinced it can handle anything


90% stable. Those Mondays when you just don't feel like yourself represents the 10% of instability.....


Honestly, it depends on the day. I need comforts. Id go insane without my smokes or distractions.

I think my mentality is good for the long run. Something in the back of my mind says, "endure, and you'll be rewarded."

some days you don't see where this train is headed, and it scares you, but we've been there before. Things go up and come down. Circle of life


Attitude and mental health have a proportional connection. "I'm just living and learning” is my favorite reply when asked "what's up?". That is my two main goals in life - to live my life knowing this is my only chance to live and breathe and to learn about everything that surrounds me in this existence. This motto of mine, which I got from my father, has turned me into an autodidact (a self taught person) that understands a lot about this reality we exist in.

Warning!!! - Knowledge will separate you out from the crowd of ignorance. Knowledge is isolating when it is not a shared commonality. So my tendency is to spread the knowledge but it's like your speaking a different language and can't communicate. People naturally tend to reject change because it requires effort and physics tells us that objects at rest tend to stay at rest.

When you learn something you change. To resist change is to resist learning and to reject knowledge. The religious adamantly resist change and therefore all knowledge that causes change. Religions are based on a static books that can't change and they worship the dead because the dead can't change either - it is all very convenient for those who resist all change and they can lounge around in their ignorant bliss, never learning anything, until they die. To me, if you are as static and as unchanging as a book in your thinking, you are already dead. Being "static" or being "dead" is to be in the same state as one describes the other.

Being knowledgeable also has its downsides but gee, it beats being brain hacked into a static state like I once was by religion! And unfortunately my knowledge separates me from the conversation of the majority of people around me who seem to thrive mostly on entertainment and sports, religious rhetoric, political propaganda and games and jokes. I like to relax and enjoy a conversation about the trivial too, every once in a while, but I don't like the trivial to dominate conversations because it starts to become a meaningless engagement where nothing useful is exchanged. This is why you see the nutty professor types working in isolation - who the f@#k are they going to talk to that will relate? lol. I love to talk to children because I can share the knowledge with them. They are not filled with trivia and are curious and ready to learn. Children also have questions that the adults should be asking but are not because trivia and religion occupies and consumes them. I have mental strength and power like I have never had before and tomorrow I will have more because today I will learn something I didn't know.


Some days better than others.


Good, I am working on reading other people's thoughts and moving objects with my mind. So far I have failed to reach that level, but otherwise I am mentally stable and content and I continue to learn.


Right now I feel physically and mentally well.

Me too !! πŸ™‚


I think I have a fair amount of mental strength. Sometimes I feel like I'm Gulliver in the land of the Lilliputians.


Somewhere between a wet noodle and ..


Meh, I get by.. I'm finding that as I grow into being more independent, things get Wayy simpler, and sometimes I need to slow down and pay better attention. (overall) but the mental strength? That I have covered


Discipline! I need it because I would be dead without it. So, I guess it is the will to live.

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