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My life has come to an event horizon. I wanted to post it here, because facebook is useless. A lot of things are coming together, which gives me hope. But there's a lot more things that have to fall in line for it all to be a good thing. I don't want to get into detail, but I just had to voice my optimism and my extreme fear. Anyone else have a situation that could change the whole projectory of your life as long as all the stars align? As they say "I'm cautiously optomistic!"

stomato 6 Mar 17

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I believe that statement could be made for any person. In an instant your life can change for the better or worse or just stop.


Yes and best of luck to you! I had a really shitty job a few years ago but my boss was really amazing. Things changed there all the time, his go to phrase was “change invigorates is!” My you feel invigorated!


I think that I would make sure that 'fear' is not a driving force? That must be faced first! Take your time, there is no need to rush into anything unless your life is in danger! In that case do not wait, seek safety now! If you ask yourself, what actions you need for your will get the answer! It will come as a deep knowing, so just relax and think out your ideas of luck!

@Freedompath Thanks for the encouragement. I do use my gut feelings to guide my way a lot in my life. I've never found it to fail.


Yeah I'm having a "Me Too" moment along with you in sorts. If all goes well Memorial weekend could be a pivotal point in my life. My best wishes to everyone out there who is taking a chance on something better.

I'd say I'm praying for you, but ... you know! Good luck to you and good vibes sent to the universe!!


It all sounds like hocus pokus to me


If everything lines up I could be drinking beer, eating pizza and watching basketball tonight.

Good Luck - Will the beer be green?

@ThinkKate nah


Always. I made the decision to free myself to travel and meet site members. I had to take a chance. Still taking that chance. If I meet the right guy I'll relocate.


In the last few years I have described my life as a "Plinko" type chain of events. It makes arriving where I have seem more amazing and I am content for now in the outcome. I wouldn't mind landing in a good romantic relationship to enhance that a bit, but time may still tell; Im not out of Plinko chips yet, lol

There are still times that I try to steer my life, because Fate can be fickle and sometimes unreliable.

There have been a few Event Horizons in my life and my only choice in doing things was to face forward and keep going. Facing fears jist requires us to say "Let's do it and let the chips fall where they may."

Hope things work well for you @stomato


Yes. I have a similar situation in my immediate future.
I am cautiously excited and treading lightly.


I’m in the same boat right now. Had a major event happen and now I am changing my path. It is scary and a bit exciting but have to keep moving forward in a positive direction. I am so thankful for my family for their support to enable me to regroup and redirect. I am so grateful for my friends and family for the support they have shown me during my recent crisis.


Big changes often include hope and fear. I wish you well on your journey!


What you need is a magic eight ball to let you know how these things turn out!

Mine keeps telling me to ask later. Damned dodgy procrastinator.

@Donotbelieve It's trying to keep the lines of communication open....poor lonely magic eight ball...hehe

@JohnnyThorazine Well, he never gives a straight answer and I think he's cheating with the lava lamp.
She's pretty fucking hot. I mean, she comes with a warning label stating as much.

@Donotbelieve lava lamp? More like lava slut! Keep it in your pants, hippie lamp!

@JohnnyThorazine Maybe I need to get a new 8 ball?
Then, I'll have a pair.

@Donotbelieve I was just about to take a drink of coffee, and I would have spit it everywhere....HAHA!!!!

@JohnnyThorazine 😉


Kind of vague..not sure what you're talking about, since that could be true for anyone at any time. But I hope it all works out for you.

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