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LINK Norway mosque attack suspect 'inspired by Christchurch and El Paso shootings' | Norway | The Guardian

The drop-down timeline in this story is interesting. It isn't a complete list of right-wing white supremist attacks globally over the past decade, but it does detail a number of them.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Aug 11

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It is not just Right Wing lone wolf terrorists that are finding inspiration around the world. I was reading an article in the French Newspaper Le Monde that was drawing similarities between Trump and other recently empowered Right Wing leaders, We are often at the head of world movements. The 60's and 70's hippie culture, grunge, business fashion, jeans and many other world changing cultural exports started here in the USA. Now we are exporting prejudice, fear of strangers, Christian terrorists, White Nationalists among others are finding homes in other countries. Steve Bannon is even making road trips in support of them!


Confirms the article you posted (I think) about these things spreading much like a contagion. The time frame is correct and the "exposure" stimulus is there.

There are studies out debunking the "lone wolf" theory. These people are connected and enmasse via the internet. While they do act alone, as suicide-minded "martyrs", they very much network.

If the USA doesn't band with global leaders to monitor and combat these groups (cells) we will not begin to thwart these events, rather do the clean-up after. 😔

I don't think the contagion theory supports the lone wolf scenario. Rather it describes the scenario in terms of the spread of a contagious disease. It's an interesting comparison.

@bigpawbullets That has nothing to do with what I mentioned.

Odd, I thought the Norwegian shooter being inspired by the El Paso & N.Z. shootings was a good example of this theory.

@bigpawbullets It would indeed apply to Trumpsters. I don't see a link between radicalization of the alt-right and garden-variety cult members.

Definitely Trumpsters
Contagion Theory
Originally proposed by Gustave LeBon (1896), contagion theory proposes that crowds exert a hypnotic influence on their members. The hypnotic influence, combined with the anonymity of belonging to a large group of people, results in irrational, emotionally charged behavior.

Ok... I can take a hint. 👌😎


Just shaking on head in sadness.


Racist shooters are everywhere religion brainwashes idiots who believe their faith justifies murder

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