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Another proof to the statement: bringing a child to a church in child abuse.

zesty Level 7 Aug 30, 2019

They're still not nixing the problem. They have to SCREEN those priests thoroughly. All this is going to do is lead to multiple adult staff abusing the students.


About time

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 17, 2019

I would have thought most parents figured this out years ago!๐Ÿคจ


They should say that priests should not be alone with anyone!

Priests should not be! Period.



Carin Level 8 Aug 16, 2019

I would much rather see them get married or get another vocation. I would even tolerate a gay partner as long as you know their is some form of outlet.

Me too. However, it is still an improvement in policy.


Finally somebody is catching on.

Check back in 3-5 years and see if anything has really changed


I would never ever leave a child alone with a religious fanatic,where was his ,dad? on the piss or what




Like closing the gate once the cow got out.

I think it is more like building a fence to hold the cows because not having them fenced hasn't worked out so well.


Better late than never. I guess this is a start to something that will spread in the catholic church.

We can only hope it spreads. Cardinals adn bishops seem to have a lot of local autonomy.


I think this is a good first step, but I think knowing the track record of the Catholic Church, parents really need to learn never to let their children near pastors, ministers or any religious leader.

both of you are right, they, the catholic faith is under scrutinization

@stepping I was involved in the Spotlight investigation. There were pedophile priests at Campion Center in weston where I worked cleaning dishes. The abuse was rampant. All the young men in the kitchen had been molested in some fashion.

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