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Wondering about the full body mud bath?

I was wondering if anyone had ever did the full body mud bath. I have never been to a spa of any kind. But I just wonder if the mud bath felt good or oowwee.

arronpaul46 6 Mar 17

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Never in the therapeutic way only in the "Oh shit, we're bogged" or the "How the hell do we get these turtles out of the dam" way. Don't mind the feel of it but getting it off can be a bitch.

Kimba Level 7 Mar 18, 2018

I deeply enjoyed my mudbath in Napa. Relaxing. Tension relieving. Note: if very furry, mud takes a long time to thoroughly wash out. Not an issue for me!


Touching soil is always good for you

there is a proven good thing touching soil does for you but I can't think what it is.


I'm planning a trip to Winnipeg in the fall. There are thermal spas there that I plan to visit.


They're them!


Mine was a little different from @pthomas59. It was a mud wrap, so you still shower first, but they apply the mud mixture all over then wrap you up in plastic type foil (I really don't know what it was). Let you marinate for about 30-45 minutes, then they remove the foil and you go shower yourself off. It was everywhere but probably not nearly as intrusive as the mud bath. Skin felt lovely for a few days afterward.


I have done the mud bath in Calistoga CA twice as part of a spa pckage that includes a bath & back scrub first, then laying in soft ashy and peaty sulphuric lava mud with natural geothermally heated spring water, then a shower, blanket wrap and massage. Feels absolutely marvelous and it's kind of fun.

I did that a few years back on a trip through California. Loved it! The hot spring bath after was great too!


You're wondering if a mud bath is a good thing? I can tell you this much, our pigs loved it.


I imagine it feels pretty good


It's a little odd at first. You get used to it.

@arronpaul46 Yes, it's warm. I don't think I could have lasted long in cold mud, at all. Plus, the object is to open one's pores, in order to draw out toxins. Can't open pores with cold mud. 😀


Is that a religious rite? That is something I want to try. I think they have them at Pagosa Springs

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