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Who isn't on medications here?

I'm interested in your method of avoidance

Fudomyoo 5 Mar 18

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Just Zyrtec for allergies for me.

BD66 Level 7 Mar 18, 2018

I’m only on cannabis. Self prescribed.


I am a medication atheist. I don't believe in them and refuse to take even aspirin.


Just diabetic stuff, nothing for the lunacy though 🙂


No meds.....have always said you can either spend your money in the grocery store (eat really well, etc) or you can give it to a doctor. Am 70 now - no hypertension, no diabetes, no arthritis, etc etc. Good genes help....the joke in our family was that we came from hearty peasant stock. 🙂


I'm not on any medication yet. Well ibuprofen here and there. I'm not sure I understand the avoidance part.

JeffB Level 6 Mar 18, 2018

I avoid by a raw food/alkaline diet

@Fudomyoo sorry to be dense here, but what are you avoiding?

@JeffB, it's about avoiding the need for medication, by sticking to a diet that's appropriate to the health condition.

@walklightly if that works, awesome. Some mental illness might be best treated with medication. There is a stigma to being on meds for mental stuff, which is a real shame. If the diet stuff works, awesome. If people look for an alternative to medication because of the stigma, that's a shame. We need to stick up for people that have been stigmatized in this way.

@JeffB, sorry, i had the impression your question was genuine; didn't realise you have an agenda, or i wouldn't have answered.

@walklightly it was genuine. I wasn't sure what he were trying to say.... and I'm not sure what I wrote that offended you.

@JeffB, i'm not offended, just not up to getting into a different topic here & now.

@JeffB if you believe smoking is bad avoid it, if you believe Dr. Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize/medicine 1930s) you'd avoid an acidic diet (western diet) to avoid cancer (and all other diseases)
So, I'm diagnosed with cancer, decided to change diet - cancer cancelled.
Hence I'm a believer 🙂


I am and better for it for sure


I do not take any prescription medications, even though I probably should


I am not on medications, but that's mostly because I read biochemistry for fun and tailor my diet, vitamins, minerals, and herbals to my illnesses. I have been on medications in the past, and the next time something acts up and tries to kill me, like my Lupus nephritis, I will be again. No shame in it here, but I have two Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders underlying three Autoimmune Disorders, and staying on steroids and immunosuppressants is horrible in the long-term. I don't like the secondary infections, and I hated having to mask and gloves every time I left my place.


I don't trust pills and the pill pushing doctors who prescribe them. So I don't take medications. I do eat a lot of healthy foods and keep active. But they are useful if used right. But for myself, I stay away from them.


I'm not on any medications.
I eat well, work out daily, and am vocal about any emotional issues.

Is that what you meant?


I take meds for BP, gout, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. That's it. I don't even get headaches and most of my life I've been an exercise fanatic. Recently my doc and nurse were both excited about my blood smack. All the reading were great except for my triglycerides. I explained it to the nurse. I take my meds and eat and drink what I like. She says "yeah, that would explain it."

I don't see doctors living longer than the rest of us and I refuse to eat what I call "cardboard food."


Me I don't take meds, vitamins or herbs, just try to eat right and get some exercise. I am not adverse to taking them if I am sick or have an infection otherwise I seldom even take asprin.


If only taking steriods when I'm having an allergy reaction (mainly insect bites and stings) doesn't count then I'm not. 1mg B12 once a day then magnesium and zinc once a week seems to keep mood, blood pressure, etc. all within acceptable parameters.

Kimba Level 7 Mar 18, 2018

no Meds here but I’ve never been recommended meds so I wouldn’t say I avoided it. Are you referring more to people that are prescribed meds but don’t want to take them?

No, interested in others tips


Meditation, eat right, excerize


Other than the occasional ibuprofin, none for me. For severe acute conditions, I'll take certain ones, but in general, I stick to healthy eating & regular exercise.


So far I've been able to avoid any kind of maintenance drugs. When I was very young, I witnessed what it did to my grandmother and grandfather and I made the decision before I was sixteen that I would do everything possible to be able to avoid long-term prescription medications. The way I avoid it is by engaging in physical activity every day. Walking or hiking most of the time or riding bike. If the weather won't allow that, I have excercise equipment inside that I can use. I find it's not even necessary to excercise hard every day. Just 3 to 5 days a week seems to keep me healthier and in a better frame of mind than when I don't excercise. That being said, good genes are a huge part of the equation too. My father made it to 76 before he ever had to go to the hospital for a health problem. He was back out after 3 days and has never been back. He still does pretty much anything he wants including going to Canda Snowmobiling and he's nearly 80. Fairly hard physical activity on a consistant basis is the key.


Nothing prescription here. Only cannabis, St. John's Wort, and vitamins. I'm lucky to be healthy (thanks genetics) and take care of myself, eat a good diet, etc.


✋ ME
Being at peace in my Manhattan condo in my head. Rents to high to have others in there, giving life the middle finger and just taking it day by day along with my internal furnace that burns negativity.

Tippa Level 5 Mar 18, 2018

My method of avoidance is to go to the gym 4+ days a week. I read everyday at least 20 minutes. I live about 10 minutes from a state park ... I hike and take pictures of nature.

I got a flu shot last September.


I eat almost entirely fresh, organic food. Avoid, sugar, starchy carbs and dairy. I have always suffered cronic pain from JRA. But ony use 420 and a lille Ibuprophen, mild exercise and meditation as needed.

I have an asthma inhaler that has saved my life on a couple of instances.


I suspect you mean mood and mind altering stuff and, if you do, I'm on none of those. Just stuff for my thyroid problem and a blood thinning agent (weak). I don't have a method. Don't need them and wouldn't take them if I did. Cannot function with any sort of disconnect.


Big pharma


I don't believe in any meds the doc could subscribe to you. I read one or two articles on anti-depressant meds and they scared me, so I won't take them. I had a bad reaction to aspin once, so I won't take those. I had hullications with sinus infection meds and I refuse to deal with them ever sense. With all that said, I am leery on taking OTC meds these days.


Iam not on medications.

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