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What is a particular creative piece -- a work of art, a book, a movie, a song, a performance, anything -- that has a religious theme or overtones, and yet you can't help but like it or even love it?

I'm thinking of this because on Easter Sunday there will be a live broadcast of Jesus Christ Superstar with a pretty cool cast. Being raised Jewish and being an agnostic, one would think I'd get myself far away from this. But this show has one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's best scores and awesome songs, I've liked it for years, and I'm very much looking forward to the broadcast.

bleurowz 8 Mar 18

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I love churches and would love one as a house including the windows. I think of good and evil like in the tom and jerry cartoons ie they are within you and not outside forces controling you.

Just brought "Alice's Restaurant" to mind. The song.

sorry, could you explain, please?


Lord of the Rings


Amazing Grace on bagpipes. It should never be sung! Back home in Niagara Falls, there was a Canadien Scot who played in the Niagara Gorge. Miss it.

Always gets me...

This was my mom's favorite song. There were 8 of us kids and we'd sing it to her whenever she picked us up from the state home for visits.


"There, but for the grace of God, go I."

I interprete it as an affirmation that if it weren't because of a twist of blind luck, I could be the one suffering.

@atheist I get your point, but your version just doesn't have that ring, that zip, that zing that says 'I'm a mantra worth repeating.'


Gulliver's Travels. It only pretends to have religious overtones, but Jonathan Swift was actually writing brutal social satire.


I still enjoy Madeleine L'Engle's books, and Christianity was important. Same with Shakespeare, not to mention CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.

Music by the Cruxshadows, who regularly use religious references as a shortcut in their music. Old music written by Hildegard von Bingen in the Medieval era.

For that matter, the reboot of Battlestar Galactica had a lot of religion in it, especially the two season spinoff Caprica (which I don't like). Babylon 5 had a lot of religious references as well.


There are many things with religious notions that I enjoy being it music, films even some of my favorite comic books have some basis in religion


Faust I love how far a person is willing to go, how much they'd sacrifice. Of course Dracula. I love Skillet even though they're a Christian band. Les miserables

Les Miserables. Brilliant, but where's the religious connection?

@JoelLovell While Victor Hugo was not really an Xian, he might have been considered a Deist. Regardless, from a religious viewpoint, it definitely points to redemption, a key construct in religion, IMHO.

@JoelLovell basically the entire show? From Jean Valjean's meeting the priest and seeking redemption to Javert's conflicting of "oh god why is he a criminal, yet a good guy?"

@LadyAlyxandrea are we all talking about the musical with Hugh Jackman? Coz I am.

@JoelLovell The inability of a man who considered himself righteous to forgive.

@JoelLovell I am. Jean Valjean's motive was entirely religious


I don’t have that problem.


Art for arts sake, it's origin doesn't change the art unlesss to deepen it. Hating art or liking it is still a reaction, which is what art is supposed to evoke...a response. Indifference is the real critique of art. Xstian architecture can be awesome...stained glass...awesome...sistine chapel, amazing...egyptian hieroglyphs, awe inspring....etc, etc, etc....

@Katastrophe1969 I always have to remember that this is only my opinion...the 'blah', which is so very apt...when I hear the beatles, I go 'blah'...and most people become aghast...haha...


Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen always gets to me.


Monty Pythons ' LIFE OF BRIAN'


Johanne Brahms Germanic Requiem


A Love Supreme - John Coltrane


Religion gave man a depth of spirit that enabled many of the great works of art. It provided these artists with inspirations that drove their works to the heights we see spectacularly exhibited during the Renaissance. The force of religion pervaded all the arts up until relatively recently and it continues to do so, only now sublimated into scularized terms.
This is not to deny that religion is a kind of sickness which enslaves man, but it is to suggest that man now needs to create his own meanings, his own inspirations and practices.

cava Level 7 Mar 18, 2018

Imagine what those artists would have created without the religious indoctrination... I argue that they were constrained by the powers at be...

They came up with some bad-ass monsters too! Ahh...imagination...

@JimSherlock1008 Richard Dawkins laments, in "The God Delusion" that "We shall never hear Beethoven's Mesozoic Symphony or Mozart's opera The Expanding Universe and what a shame that we are deprived of Hayden's Evolution Oratorio" (111)
But the churches had the money and the artists had to eat . . .lol

I see it as... Humanity's depth of spirit created religion, a story which inspired many works of art. Now that we have begun to question and rewrite that story, we can look forward to the birth of many more new works of art.


Handel's Messiah which I conducted, in parts, over several xmases. I considered it a celebration of the human spirit, creative genius and expression of emotion. (Dogmatic atheists, don't bother.)

There are several others from several genres but one is The Letter Black, a heavy metal band I had no idea was xian. They too speak to the spirit, of being yourself and overcoming adversity. Lyrically I still see them as more humanistic than theist.


"Hallelujah" - composed by Leonard Cohen and performed by many. It speaks also to faith and hearts crushed and broken.

What I like about "Hallelujah" is its idea that spirituality and sex are not mortal enemies....

@Deveno Life is beautiful. Maybe especially when it wants to crush you.

@Deveno The christian bible is absolutely brimming with lust and violence and murder.and greed and all those SEVEN things. And then the people DOING those things are the heroes!


Opera as long as I don't understand the words.

I adore opera , understand in both French and English ...
It's not necessarily religious . I saw two Puccini operas this week ..... At the theatre .
Going to Madama Butterfly in May .

I meant to say French and Italian . The English s reasonably self evident

Most operas are not religious.


"Morning has broken", Cat Stevens.

love the lyrics and the songs of his

Jnei Level 8 Mar 18, 2018

"Let It Be" by the Beatles


Paradise Lost, The divine comedy, and of course Don Quixote


I like this mildly anti-abortion song. Despite some lyrics rubbing me wrong, it makes some valid points and is gorgeous.


This is the best!


There's a lot of magnificent music - Ave Maria, Jerusalem (and did those feet in ancient times...), Hallelujah (Cohen), the list is endless. So many composers were brought up in religious states, that's where their talents had to be directed in order to gain favor and ear a crust.

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