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Probably all those noisy windmills


There are a lot communities that have cancer clusters because of environmental hazards on or near their community. Usually the hazards are a result of human activity, like fracking, lead pipes and paint, coal ash, etc. These cancer vectors have always been a problem since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Among the first was Love Canal in the NE. The entirity of Bay City, Tx is a vector due to air and water pollution from refineries. We have Flint, MI, and their water (this is just one city among many) and so on. There are hundreds of such communities around the world. Our activity creates the conditions that stimulates cancer spread.


To be honest about it you haven't seen anything yet especially in areas where fracking is large.


Those big companies looking to save a buck with waste disposal just do not care. The fines in most cases do not persuaded the companies to make a smarter disposal decision.

Exactly. Put the bastards in prison and that shit will slow down.

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