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We don't teach uncertainty and that's a problem. It is inherent in science to have doubts and the ability to change our minds based on new information. It should be the absolute bedrock that we teach children--how we know stuff. How we know what is what we describe as reality.
~ Dr. Adam Rutherford

Benthoven 8 Mar 19

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Hmm, I was raised with uncertainty and naturally talk about it with children. Most extensively with my nephew. We had a lot of long conversations about The Magic of Reality while he was reading it.


We had a book of little experiments when we were kids - you know - get the egg sucked into a bottle sort of things? I think this helped with knowing that some things are very concrete and some aren't. Also a chemistry set.

I don't know if we're teaching critical thinking skills at all? I'm pretty sure I learned mine at home. And by reading - a lot.


Ithink all education should force kids to try to disprove any and all positions of any arguments. being able to see all sides and facts then breaking them down to form new ideas is crucial to progress. we have nothing but echo chambers as colleges anymore and they give ppl false confidence and arrogance that they are intelligent just cuz they can memorize something and answer test questions about it.

jorj Level 8 Mar 19, 2018

We also doa very bad job of teaching the real meaning of the word "Theory".


Some of my biggest mistakes have been some of my biggest learning experiances


This is so very important. So many people are terrified of being uncertain or the possibility of being wrong. The ability to admit that you don't know an answer is the first step to finding that answer.


Absolutley agree. We should teach children that there is a difference between 1 the truth, and 2 what you might want the truth to be. Children are taught over here in the UK to supply evidence for an argument, what is not encouraged enough is to scrutinise evidence, to see if it stands up to scrutiny.


Theories should be stated as such and not Facts. Theory as of now sounds more intelligent.

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