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It's likely few here will be surprised at this ...


evergreen 8 Mar 19

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We can debate whether evangelicals "became" sociopathic or just tore off their kindly masks. What we can say with confidence today is that they have become undeniable hateful, lying sacks of shit.

I no longer have ANY respect or hold back in denouncing these craven, dishonest, liars for Jesus. Particularly since they were not only instrumental in excusing and enabling Trumpism, but continue to proudly do so (a "mulligan" for Stormy Daniels, give me a break!). And have branched out (consider the shabby Roy Moore affair, and the active participation of Alabama Baptists in giving this pederast and twice-defrocked FORMER judge comfort and a platform for his shameful campaign).

And I say all this as a former evangelical who is fully aware of what their official stance used to be (politics and worldly power are beneath us, we must quietly obey Jesus and Endure to the End) and what their self-image, however distorted, was. Whatever tenuous right they may have had to any sort of moral integrity, is now, utterly GONE.


Think they might need a straight jacket, start with the congress. Heartless bastards could not include dental for medicare.


WhaWhaaaaat?????'s always Been sociophathic..


Disappointing but for a large segment true.


Aligning itself with authoritarian power is a time-honored tradition of organized religion, especially christianity. There is no "becoming more sociopathic..." I think it's that they can more freely, openly, and more frequently operate and speak publicly in sociopathic ways because of the political power they currently have. They are all "the end-of-the-world is nigh/repent or be torn asunder/accept the tortured corpse as your savior/death-cult " devotees when you get down to it and whether they think so or not. And it's the same banal and petty motives: lust for power, and greed


Not surprised evangelicals are just nasty people.


They are miserable, sick, hating and definitely sociopathic.

I'm always nice- just despise ignorant and hateful people.


I'm pretty sure most of the fit the definition. Hopefully they're dying out.


Sounds like alot of people where I work.

doesn't sound like a fun place ...

@evergreen it's the Bible belt...


In my time spent with the evangelicals of Christianity I determined one almost universal thing. They have no principles, they are generally devoid of real compassion or desire to be good for the sake of being good. Or they believe that about themselves. They embrace Christianity with a feverish fervour because of the idea that they can be forgiven for any sin so long as they believe in Jesus and spread his word they'll avoid eternal suffering. It's also the reason they are often such raging hypocrites.

would u say those are the ones that would be murdering and raping if we proved god didnt exist?

@jorj no not necessarily. Most of them are cowards who fear punishment. That's part of what drove them so hard to religion. There are rapists and murderers and such in their communities for sure but they are all very sneaky or manipulative and only commit crimes they think they'll get away with

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