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Arrests of blacks and hispanics increased in Colorado after legalized pot.

EdEarl 8 Sep 17

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Cannabis is legal in my country but I don't think we have any statistics yet on the effects of legalization. It's heavily government controlled from production to dispensing to consumption. The public is a little confused as to the laws because some pertinent laws are federal, some provincial, and some municipal. The result has been people getting caught breaking laws they didn't know about or were confused about. Oh, and the number of pets brought to vets for cannabis ingestion/poisoning has increased. It will be interesting to see where all this goes in the future.


This has been my fear all along. I cannot believe in ‘free rides,’ ‘free love,’ ‘free lives!’ Janis Joplin said it so well...’freedom is just another word for nothing else to loose!’ I learned early on, that the ‘prices’ for certain things, was higher than I was willing to pay!

So true!


There are going to be problems with new industry, setting rules, making laws and product accountability. There always are. Dope for the masses has always meant a kind of slavery whether it's alcohol, tobacco or drugs. It's cyclical, keep the poor working meager jobs to just get by, keep them doped so they feel less bad about their situation so they will have less drive to get out of the cycle of poverty and feeding the rich. It's the way the rich stay rich.

I'm not against weed but if we think the corp mentality was not going to take over the weed industry like they did the alcohol, drug and food industry then we're fools.

This is where accountability and taxes on profits should come in. We need to heavily tax profits in all industries more. If you're going to profit off social miseries, then you should be paying for the fixes for social miseries.

Very true!

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