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Will you be changing your FB account? With all of the issues that are occuring, and potential for more of the same, I am planning on deleting mine.

It's going to take forever to remove my account.
I heard yesterday you cannot just delete your account, that you have to actually go in and delete all your posts individually.

Has anyone attempted to do this?

I think for my many years of use, it might take a year to get rid of everything. But after being off of it, I see that it has been a time sucker and I am so over it. How about you?

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Akfishlady 8 Mar 21

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I was always cautious on FB from the start. I never took those silly surveys or what to know what kind of "whatever" I might be; I can die in ignorance regarding that one. They never got my cell number, I never put my address though my city was fine and even my birthday is not posted (though that is just because I don't celebrate it). They may know a little about me but not as much as others and I have no problem with what they think they know. Like everyone else, I have my 'secrets' but if you ask me about them or try to intimidate me by threatening to reveal my secrets, I will publicly own them and take your one, little bullet.


Many things are coming out now that are remotely related to Dolt45, the election, how everything is managed and used, who may or may not have profited, etc. to the point of where I am sick of it. Of course they all use your information. Of course they all have your information. Google even said that if you click on their stuff then you agree with them. NOT. What this boils down to is the algorythm and it's use. I disagree with it and do not see this the way they do. That will not stop anybody. I don't want to be used in click bait, suckered into anything, or discover that I am being sold carrots because 5 years ago I posted that I like carrots. The situation used to be that they led us like a horse to water. There has been some trouble in getting us to drink. Today they want to show us the water and hold our heads down in it. That don't work with me but I won't be changing or deleting my Facebook account.
In the meantime we will see and expect many lawsuits about the use of our personal information until they finally get this issue adjusted on both sides.


Well I uninstalled the app. That's a start.


Mine is used primarily for messaging and posting of fun and inspirational tidbits that I find as I try to be an oasis of positive in a desert of negativity. Facebook is a data mining machine, in and of itself. They have trackers on almost every website you can imagine. THIS site has a Facebook tracker that loads on every page (link, below). Block the trackers and ads with things like Ghostery and Adblock (there are numerous other options, I just threw those out as an example), and carry on with life.



I'm considering dropping facebook.


No option in your list for being ahead of the curve on managing it. I don’t use it much and nothing real important gets posted, I’m a twitter nut and follow the same principles of no sensitive information being used.


Sometimes I wish I could just delete mine, but I have so many friends and family throughout the country whom I couldn't otherwise keep in contact with. Plus, I'm a digital hoarder. Gotta have my memes. I try to keep as much as I can private, though who knows what's really going on with their stuff.


I think I am going to delete the damn thing. They keep futzing with the privacy settings and I am not quiet sure what mine are any more. I will miss some of the topic, poetry, and humor pages.

@Akfishlady blarg! They can't make anything easy can they!

@WizardBill sounds like a good plan!


There is a chrome app called social book post manager that says it can batch delete Facebook posts. If it does what it says, should be a big timesaver. I haven't tried it, as there isn't much real information on my account anyway.


I have long ago edited the privacy settings. I also watch what I post to FB.


I went through my apps and disabled/deleted the majority of them. I had some that I didn't even recognize.

I can't do much with privacy settings since I already have them pretty much friends only or private.


I dunno. I'll have to pray on it for a while.


most of what I post is pictures. Very little personal stuff

Same here - I've always been careful not to post anything personal on there, and always use my trade name rather than my actual name.

@Jnei I have always had my own name on there since the beginning. People can google and find out about me since I have a professional license. I have always been aware the internet is transparent like fishnet stockings. I am mostly afraid people will find out that is my real picture up there

@WizardBill Lol 😀

@WizardBill great idea! why didnt I think of that? and I am guessing you can be tracked by GPS on all your routes so people know when they can't find you at home.

@btroje I'm just extra reluctant to post anything even slightly personal on there as there are a few people in my past who I'd far rather stayed in the past!

@WizardBill with the door unlocked and receipts taped to the items no doubt


I want to delete it so much, but it's useful for keeping in touch with colleagues and contacts and I do most of my photo sales through it these days.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 21, 2018
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