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Hello World!

New to the site. A friend referred me to it and I am pretty glad he did. So far it looks pretty cool. A lot of interesting posts and friendly/helpful commentary. Much different than I am used to on FB.

Out of curiosity, did anyone catch my nerd reference? Just trying to feel out how many fellow nerds are on here. LoL

Doug_in_Colorado 6 Mar 21

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welcome mate


Hurray! Glad you made it here, my friend. I clearly underplayed my geek/nerd identity, as it appears we are in good company!


Welcome, Newbie! hope you like it here; not what I expected either, when I joined a few weeks ago. Lots of support and many fellow nerds.


There are a few groups for us nerds, join up. We always welcome newbies


Yes, every new system I learn does "Hello world"... still funny


Welcome, Doug in Colorado. I hope you enjoy your time here, nerd.


Welcome and I hope you stay for awhile! I read your bio and I wish that I lived near you, I am the worst for setting up get togethers! I managed to have a few friends, who had some interest in parties, etc and I nearly consider it a gift from the 'gods' to have people near me who love to organize people things! Good luck here with people who have a good view (mostly), of what makes up 'life!'


Definitely a nerd/geek. Book lover, sci Fi, fantasy, science...




Loads of nerds and geeks. Welcome!


this is nerd central , no need for references

Yeah it is!


Welcome! Im new too.


I'm not sure that I'm a nerd, just old.

You can be both - i am!


Yeah you're basically surrounded by nerds on here. Enjoy!

I'm more of a dweeb. I think?

@Donotbelieve nah. Definitely not dweebish. Geeky?

@Blindbird I am not into sci-fi or gaming.

I like science, but suck at math.

I love the outdoors.

I have no idea what I would be called.

@Donotbelieve awesome 🙂


I'm not a nerd, but welcome anyway!

Don't sell yourself short. With a little effort I bet you would make a great nerd... ?

@Doug_in_Colorado If you like knowing scientific names for the local herpetology, I guess I'm a nerd.

@Donotbelieve Yep, that counts!!!

And what is herpetology?

More importantly, is it contagious?

@Doug_in_Colorado it's very contagious.

It's the branch of zoology concerned with reptiles and amphibians.

@Donotbelieve can confirm is contagious. I caught it from my niece.

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