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Did you ever find your calling? Or, are you still looking?

Have you been satisfied with a field of work? Or, are you still looking for the "right thing?"

Ever career change?

I've had two major career paths. A business major who was in Project Coordination & Social Work, then Finance... went to teaching. And, none was my "calling." Perhaps there is no such thing, but I haven't ever had a very fulfilling career that felt like a good fit. You?

silvereyes 8 Mar 21

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I found “a” calling, but it turned out to be someone else’s and when I tried to return it, they refused to take it back.


No! Unless, my calling is to be retired. I was happy for many years as a software engineer. But memory issues and of course other medical problems changed my perspective. Now I am writing and trying out some new things to see how my creative side can be a new career path. Still working on it. But in all my years, I was never sure that I knew what I wanted to do. I always felt like there was something more that I could have done.


I don't think I have ever found my calling. I'm not sure exactly what a "calling" is but I know many of us are looking for it. What I have found instead is something that I cannot put a name on. I can look backwards in my own life and see why I did something at the time that I did it. I only know this today and would not have known it then. I know it today because I am honest with myself and I make no excuses because I am only revealing what I find to myself and not to others. Much of this is not pleasant. It also reveals actions at a basic level. Down deep we are all influenced by feelings and sayings that are almost tribal. We can learn from this but to do so we must be honest with ourselves. Drop the mask of the myth of self and underneath you find a totally different self and the principals that the self operates on.


I dunno. I've always been a book worm and writer, so majored in English in college, with no definite idea how that would earn me a living.

Sure enough, there's no money in it, but at least it's something I will actually do, and it gives me space to move around and have variety. I don't agree with public school methods and most universities only hire part-time, or adjuct, professors, to avoid paying benefits.

The best I found was teaching ESL overseas in Thailand, where I can actually make a living because of low cost of living, but I did teach ESL at a university for a year, before they closed the program due to recruitment scams.


Not really just sampling a few ideas but I wanted to be a lawyer of some sort. But as for this site I think this is my true calling


Property developmemt and real estate is my dream along with being obscenely rich.


I have call waiting. I think my calling is retirement.

jeffy Level 7 Mar 22, 2018
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