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So I recently became single.. I don't know what to expect from here but hello all.. I'm a 28 year old feller with a stable job and my own place.. I'm a relaxed and easy going guy and could use a lady who needs a good partner. Currently live in New Mexico but happy for pen pals and possibilities from all over.

josh23452 7 Mar 21

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Check us out to meet members in their 20s and up-welcome to a friendly community.


Welcome Josh. Hope you love our community.


Where are you living in NM?

I'm in ABQ, and if you are too, we're just starting to get a group up and running on here: "Albuquerque Atheists and Agnostics".


Am nearly 53 - and in a similar situation Josh. Hello to you as well and welcome to the discussions. Dive right in - these are some good people that frequent this website.


What’s going on?


Good luck josh, with all that you desire!


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Welcome. Come on in and join the conversations.


Welcome to our quaint hovel! We are a great community and I hope you find what you seek!

Thank ya pretty lady!

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