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LINK Mexican Senate Set to Pass Bill to Legalize Marijuana in Next Few Days

This puts America in the middle of things. And it's so funny to me. I can almost feel the conservatives collective panic attacks ... all those potheads coming at us from BOTH borders ... 😆

SeaGreenEyez 8 Oct 15

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If it is legal in Mexico and legal in California, any attempt by US federal authorities to stop it at the border could be grounds for a suit against the US at the WTO. Likewise Canada and Washington.

Hey! That's a thought. I hadn't gotten that far into this whole weed thing since I am the polar opposite of 420 friendly ... but I'm thinking the issue with it coming across the border ... either direction, would fall more into the fact that pot is still a Schedule 1 drug (just line heroin) Federally, so it rolls be trafficking regardless. And I believe international laws would screw the possessors coming or going. Fascinating thought though!

@SeaGreenEyez, I don't use pot but I've never seen the sense in outlawing it.

As for it being Schedule 1, that will have to change before the end of next year. There is too much medicinal value to be derived from cannabis ti justify keeping it as Schedule 1.

Then there is the fact that the Constitution does not give the government the right to tell you what you can, cannot, or must put into your own body, or what you can, cannot, or must grow in your own soil. IMHO the mere existence of the DEA is an affront to the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.


I can see it now, Cheech with a Mexican flag and Chong with a Canadian flag.

Ok, the flags are a little difficult to see through the haze, but you get the idea.


I foresee many more Americans will choose to vacation in Mexico.


Shows just how behind the rest of the world we are.

In so many ways.


This will hurt the cartels. Of course, they'll double down on the ''hard'' stuff....but a lot of people smoke weed.


USA has always been wrong on booze&rope....policy makers are the dopes making criminals out of fermentation and smoke


LMAO funny about time


That would be awesome

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