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Photofunia: Want to get creative and have some fun?

It's super easy. Free editor --- and you don't have to register. Add your photo, a text or whatever, download, and share it here. There are 575 effects.


VictoriaNotes 9 Mar 22

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You must have lots of time to spend!

Gert Level 7 Mar 23, 2018

That's a hoot!

Obi Wan!

That is great!!! 😀😀 You made my morning.


Thanks, looks a lot easer than powerpoint and photoscape!

jeffy Level 7 Mar 22, 2018

cool victoria!


My antivirus gave me a warning about that site just now.

Well, I've been using it for a couple of years and have never gotten a virus or malware.

@VictoriaNotes Could be on the list for some other reason. I use Webroot one of the top antiviruses it said causation.

"Safety status of is described as follows: MyWOT reports its overall reputation as excellent, Google Safe Browsing reports its status as safe, while users provide mostly positive reviews (100%)."

"Overall reputation - Excellent"



"High Trust Rating"

@VictoriaNotes I got that same trust rating from Adobe then got 6 viruses just leary.

@azzow2 A lot of good your antivirus software is. LOL

How to kill the fun in 3,2,1.


I already have one from a previous 4th of July parade. I was in the group supporting domestic violence awareness. I'm on the far left with the sign (and lipstick and antenna).

Love it -- I'm turning it into a billboard.

@VictoriaNotes Great advertisement for domestic violence awareness. FYI the guy on the right with the evil looking mask/costume is the director of the BLM. He told me as we walked along the 2 mile route (which, believe-it-or-not, was packed) he noticed several women get uncomfortable when they saw his costume.


That really looks like fun...




I loved your photos, and when I figure out 'again' how to down load, I will contribute something! I like this anyway!

Once you add your photo, text or whatever, and click "go", right under the image it will say download. Click on that then choose "save file" and the file you want to save it in.

Btw, thank you.

@VictoriaNotes I can transfer if I am using my photos...but out of any other place it want transfer! Thanks I will keep trying!

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