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Headache remedies

Anyone have any non-pharmaceutical headache remedies?

I accidentally bought decaf coffee and have a horrible caffeine withdrawal headache. Since I'm already detoxing I don't want to go get something with caffeine in it to fix the headache.

Crimson67 8 Mar 22

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Weed will oxygenate the blood and dialate the capillaries


Drugs!!!!!! Oh sorry non pharmaceutical. If you're detoxing, and I reduced my caffeine intake a while ago, more water worked for me, it was just about staying hydrated and it will pass but maybe green teas might work, i think they have a lower caffeine content but if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will let me know lol


Be careful many medical aides contain caffeine to give you a boost!


Well, I guess you should live through this "cold turkey" but drink lots of water to get rid of the excess of wrong stuff in your blood. Don't forget that this is more or less what happens with getting rid of about any addiction.

Gert Level 7 Mar 23, 2018

Ugh. I cured that before I could make it through the emergency cup of black coffee I made. I guess if you can power through the misery you'll be fine.


decapitation takes your mind off of it i believe


I've never had a headache or migraine (except a skull fracture 3 different times) that aspirin didn't cure within 20 minutes or so. If you want to speed it up aspirin with a little caffeine it acts as an accelerant.

Roman Level 4 Mar 22, 2018

chamomile tea, it is my go to when I do a detox from coffee.


CBD oil - massage it on the back of your neck, temples and web of your hand (between thumb and index finger).? LOts of fluids but no caffeine.


plain aspirin. its naturalish. massage accu-pressure points between the thumb and forefinger or under the brow at the bridge of the nose.


What helps me is drinking water and epsom salt baths!


Sex is a great natural remedy though the effects are only temporary.


@Crimson67 ????? Negative, negative, negative! The glass is half full! #MagicPudding.

Don't drink so much the night before?
Learn to dilate your blood vessels ... you can even increase your breast size and fullness as well as improve your sexual pleasure. ??


I'd love to help, but as I have only had a headache once in the last 30 years (a couple of ibuprofen got rid of it) there's not much I can say really.

I occsasionally feel the start of some discomfort, but generally on days when I haven't drunk much. A pint of water usually clears it.


Zeus once had an awful headache which made him very grumpy, and when the King of the Gods gets in a bad mood everyone wants to come up with a solution because smiting and thunderbolts and stuff. So Prometheus, Hephaestus, Hermes and Ares came up with the radical but highly effective remedy of chopping his head in half with an axe. It turned out that the cause of the headache was that his daughter Athena, goddess of war and wisdom and thus a feminist icon, was inside his skull, fully-formed and bedecked in her battle armour.

Worth considering...?

Jnei Level 8 Mar 22, 2018

Best answer.

@Lydiaeli And people say classicists are humourless fuddy-duddies 🙂


Chamomile tea helps with headaches in general. Not sure if it helps for caffeine withdrawal. Maybe worth a try though.


Heating pad works for me sometimes


Electrolytes. Pediasure or Gatorade. Vitamin think and a, so carrot and orange juice work well. Banana for potassium.

@Crimson67 pediasure is sugar free.


Lavender helps. Dated a woman that got migraines, from my research on how to help her. I concluded not having a bowel movement is a big reason for a headache, in most cases drinking a little Epsom salt in water helps that.

"Migrastik" It's lavender and mint - I've recommended this more than once. I don't know why but it can help - particularly with nausea.


A cup of tea will help with the caffeine withdrawal. As long as it a black tea.
Tanine is very similar to caffeine.

Should help with the vasoconstriction headache.

Black teas caffeine in it. Alot.

@Lydiaeli And you are correct. However way less than coffee. []


I use ice packs.

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