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QUESTION How to fall in love

Pretty cool article for those that are looking!
It isnt click-bait as the title suggests haha

Polaragent 4 Mar 22

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Falling in love is the same thing as rising in passion

EMC2 Level 8 Mar 25, 2018

I did not read article, but finding love may have a lot to do with social conditioning! We are fed this romantic...out of this world love that is going to hit us like a lightening bolt and give us unimaginable pleasure and happiness! And, somewhere we get a whiff of that 'smoke bomb' and off we go...blinded by the smoke, until it disapates and we find our selves with another human being and with the same frame of mind, before the intoxication (wanting more high)! What happened to the uphoria? Now that 'love' is just mundane, with a few 'sparks' here and there! And, on top of that...comes even more work if you stay with that love! Maybe this is why relationships are temporary or fleeting?

I agree with that! Recently I was thinking of this, and saw a steel wool sponge in a soapy bucket smooshed into the shape of a heart from the workers labor and I said dang wow that’s what love really is hard work and maintenance and consistency. I’ve come to believe romance isn’t true love but true love after awhile can feel romantic. I think people committing because they love each other is romantic..

@Polaragent As I believe, Falling in love is rising in passion, we feel it , the novelty, the reality of the touch, and our passion rises which is called falling in love. Then the passion wanes and her we are with reality once again. I believe we should let all go as we retire and even get divorced or singled to enjoy the immense new discovery of complete freedom


I have seen pictures of cavemen clubbing cavewomen over the head. I guess that would work if you did not mind amnesia.


I've been trying to love myself for years. It takes time though to re-wire all those things that got drilled into my head as a kid. "You're stupid!" and "You're ugly!" Things like that get repeated by so many people when you're a kid and, in my case due to my OCD, they are very hard to let go of it. After a while you start to believe it. It's hard, but it can be done.

I had to overcome a lot from my childhood, too and I can assure you, it is a fact that we can find our true self and have a real and meaningful life! I sulute you my friend and best of luck in all that you dream and desire!

@Freedompath Thank you so much! And best of luck to you as well. 😀


Yes you have to love yourself before you can love someone else.

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