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What was your worst Halloween costume fail?

At age 25, I was the Queen of Hearts. Made my costume and felt proud of it until....

At a Halloween party, men kept knocking on my chest. "Who's in there?" Even strangers! Appalled, I retreated with my back against a wall.

Most of the other women wore sexy, tight costumes. I was too modest for that. Sandwiched between boards, I felt like a royal nerd. Stupid costume. Couldn't sit down.

After 30 awkward minutes, I removed the boards. Sat down in a red turtleneck, red running shorts, black tights and the crown. I could relax. I felt normal in running clothes.

"What are you?" people asked. "The Queen of Hearts," I replied, pointing to the boards.

A year later, I insisted on wearing a swimsuit under the sheet for a toga party. Too modest. My best friend Sally was forever trying to sexy me up. She tied a scarf around my waist.

LiterateHiker 9 Oct 26

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WTAF? I'd have been saying loudly for them to not knock on my knockers......perverts!


Knock, knock... "Who's in there?" One guy after another.

They all thought they were funny and original. I felt invaded, assaulted.

Good thing I have long arms. I roughly pushed them away.


Not a fail (in my eyes) but I actually dressed as a prostitute for a church halloween party.


Thank you.

You dressed as a prostitute for a church party? Bet that went over like a lead balloon.

@LiterateHiker From what I remember, no one said anything.


Mine was a variation on your toga, except I was nearly flat chested and went braless under toga . Didn’t realize until I got home that when Inlifted my arms to dance, my boobs were exposed.

UUNJ Level 8 Oct 26, 2019

I've always wondered "how do they not know?", when I notice things like that...

I guess as a man, I only have one region that remains hidden

@ownworstenemy Because I wasn’t dancing when I made the costume or standing at a mirror.


I think that’s a great costume! Not being able to sit is a problem. Otherwise, immature company spoiled that one!
My fail was more ‘wrong setting’ as well. I’d just moved to a small ski town, where no one knew me, and dressed as a Young Republican ‘Newt groupie’ in a cheap polyester business suit, with buttons that proclaimed ‘Greed is my Creed’, ‘Poor People Suck’ and other classics from days when the Repubs first left humanity behind. Unfortunately, no one seemed to get my joke, just took me at face value and avoided me all night! Lol 😂


I saw a great costume last year. A guy with one leg went as the lamp from “A Christmas Story”.


I still remember when we had what was called our "End of High School Break up Day" and everyone from our grade went to school in fancy dress.
One boy managed to get hold of gigantic, full length, advertising condom, wore it and a sign that said, " Prime Minister of Australia," while one of the girls covered herself from head to toes with cotton wool dyed black, painted ( rather explicitly I might add) from top to bottom as set of pink labia and went around telling everyone, " I have one and the Prime Minister IS one."
In Australia we don't celebrate Halloween as much as you do in America BUT until the Education Department put a TOTAL Ban on " End of High School Break up Days" there WERE so pretty awesome costumes that were made and worn.
P.S. A big part of " Break Up Day" was also to raise money for a charity upon which ALL students agreed, so our Money Raising idea was to "borrow' the statue of Colonel Sanders from the top of the local KFC outlet and hold it for ransom. We managed to raise about 1,000 dollars for that effort BUT our costumes were somewhat NOT appreciated by the very conservative School Principal, maybe it was because our costumes made a political statement or perhaps he was upset that I went as the Grim Reaper with a badge that proclaimed me as the School Principal, guess I'll never know which...LOL.


Just threw something together at the last minute and when I walked in the door someone I didn't even know said "that looks like you just threw it together".


OOOOh no................

2 you up? F ..your time had not cu ..come 😉

Addendum … you remain one of my greatest draws to the PNW ~

Varn Level 8 Oct 26, 2019

[furthermore 😀]…our kids, having finished their internships with US Senators/ Supreme Court Justices ...would be on the ballot!


"Get over here, Miller," Sally said. She eyed the striped shirt I had tucked into my shorts.

"Let me give you some pizazz," she said. Sally pulled out the shirt, tying it around my waist. Rolled up the sleeves. Unbuttoned the shirt more. Flipped up my collar. "There."

We asked my mother to take this photo of us trying to look glamorous. Sally showed me how to pose.

Sally was effortlessly sexy, right down to her low, husky voice.

Sally was 29 and I was 28.

@LiterateHiker Are you and Sally still friends? Inquiring minds want to know.


Yes, we are still friends. But Sally doesn't drive and lives in Seattle, 150 miles away. We don't get together very often.

@LiterateHiker Toga! One of the reasons I to keep this site interesting is to help connect those like ourselves ..hopefully stumbling on to each other, if from afar..

..and yes, on the theme, you are she who shown what so many did ..the moral, intelligent, participation within humanity all could safely emulate ..while still being ‘out there’ ..just enough to ..carry on. Golden ~


the costume actually looks fine to me, I have to agree with the one who said you were surrounded by a bunch of dicks and I do not understand what knocking on a playing card and asking who's in there is supposed to mean? I tried my best Tommy Lee Jones, Men in Black, sunglasses at night is not a good idea. But I made this look good.😎


Thank you.

Knock, knock... "Who's in there?" One guy after another.

They all thought they were funny and original. I felt invaded, assaulted.

Good thing I have long arms. I roughly pushed them away.

@LiterateHiker I agree, quite rude it's like I tried to explain I don't understand why anyone would even do that. Other than to be an farging icehol. 😉

..suppose they were semi-stoned to drunk … awaiting a cat lady to emerge 🙂 Interesting how ‘the Atheist in the room’ was more aware than ..the supposed pious


I dressed as a smurf cop one year. White shorts blue tights with a blue sweatshirt. Blue face paint and a water gun on my hip.

This year I am going as an off duty mermaid.

SAMae Level 5 Oct 26, 2019

I'm confused about the "fail" portion of this. sounds like you were in the company of a bunch of dicks. Nice work on the card it looked great, and of course that big smile 😉


Thanks for your kind words.

With a playing card as a model, I used felt pens.


Never a Fail.... halloween is not about success... but bad judgement? I saw on a Military Hospital Overseas... the doctor treating my 3 year old son dressed as a corpse maybe... the senior doctor told him to wipe the shit off!!! Something I truely appreciated as a father.


I had a pink bunny rabbit costume I wore a couple years while in college.
Being the consummate introvert wallflower, I would typically stand around a drink beer. After something induced me to speak, a guy nearby me said “Wow! I thought you were a really ugly girl.”
That was the end of my pink, bunny rabbit career😉


Hilarious! "That was the end of my pink, bunny rabbit career."



Haha that's awesome! I love the artwork there! A shame about the guys. I suppose it's like people thinking they can come up and touch pregnant women's bellies.


Thank you for your compliment.

I sprayed shiny sealant on the boards so they wouldn't run in Seattle rain.


I used to jazzercise and we would dress up for Halloween. A woman started coming who had terrible BO; so bad it was very off-putting. When I found a blow up costume of spray on underarm deodorant I couldn't resist. I held my breath and worked out next to her. She didn't get the message 😟.


I was the Red Ranger for Halloween one year. I was also the Red Ranger every day following until the next Halloween. The Putty Patrol gave my neighborhood a wide berth.


sometimes I wonder if the modesty is a symptom of the upbringing be it via modest "times" or being raised by religious parents that instill modesty in women/girls, or if it is just a personality trait of ours. But also, I like being invisible and disappearing into crowds and dressing sexy makes a young women a walking target for street harassers so that doesn't help either. I wonder if I'd be less modest were I to live in an all female community/culture >.>


I have always dressed modestly. I love the elegance of clothing that falls from my shoulders and skims my body without clinging. Dressing simply is my personal sense of style.

To me, skin-tight clothing looks cheap and tacky.

My parents were not religious. Mom was an atheist and Dad never went to church.

Living on a lake in Michigan, Mom was an athlete. What a body! She loved rocking a bikini. My boyfriend drooled over her in her bikini.

@LiterateHiker ahh okay then by your standards I do not dress modestly XD 😳 but by my generation's standards of tight mini dresses and looking like a kardashian, I do ;D But also I looove jeans and to find jeans in stores that are affordable and not skinny jeans is nearly impossible! Even boot cut or skinnier fit jeans will be tight around the thighs/butt region. blah


When I was married and my kids were in elementary school my wife bought me a Mr. Potato Head costume that had all the face parts stuck on with velcro. We went to a party at the local community center and all the kids had fun rearranging the face parts on my costume.


Very inventive. I'm impressed.

Many years ago my 2 teenage neighbors had the best "mom made" costumes I've ever seen. One was a mail box and the candy went in the mail drop. The other was a refrigerator. This was before digital so no photos to share.


Thank you!


I went as the devil to one party found Red long johns tops and bottoms ,Made a pointed tail and wrapped it in red paper as will set of red horns ,made up looked pretty cool but got rather hot after while

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