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It's totally okay to absolutely stuff yourself if you're eating salad, right? Because that's what's happening in my world right now.

Nottheonlyone 7 Mar 24

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I love a chicken Caesar, that’s a hell of an entree.


Too much of anything isn't good.

It was the first real meal I've sat down to in a few days. I'm giving myself a pass.


I think so


Sure, with chicken and steak and pork. 😉

Depends on the salad. If you're eating a garden salad, with no meat or dairy, and a moderate amount of dressing, go wild. It's going to be difficult to actually overeat on lettuce and tomatoes and cucumbers. 🙂

There may have been bacon involved...

@Nottheonlyone Lol bacon is the mother of all food temptations!

Eating lots of water


Sorry honey, you still have to go with moderation. Lol


I just did the same thing.


It's good for you, right? So the more you eat, the better it is!

Jnei Level 8 Mar 24, 2018



Probably the worst person in the world to comment on this...but sure!

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