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QUESTION Now Registering Animal abusers

Animal abusers will be put on a list similar to sex offenders.

BeeHappy 9 Mar 25

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Abusing animals is a step toward becoming a serial killer. They should be on Dexter's list.

jeffy Level 7 Mar 25, 2018

Can we deport them

Who'd want them?


I'm conflicted about this too. Sex offender registries have been a very mixed blessing, they've done a lot of harm, been very expensive, and done little, if any, good. The actual dangerous sex offenders do what they need to do to stay off the lists. In a perfect world where the people maintaining these lists were uncorruptible and had God-like prescience they would be great. We are living in far from a perfect world.


It will be interesting to see how many people make both lists.




What are the boundaries for determining if animal abuse has occurred. Jockeys use a whip to make their horses go faster. Might that be construed as animal abuse.

I don't know. I wouldn't think so, but I think I see the point you are trying to make. It's never perfect but I think it might be a start.

@BeeHappy I am by no means giving excuses for animal abusers. I am an animal lover with two dogs. I can't even imagine anyone mistreating them. They are a big part of my family.

I didn't think you were.

Last year moves started to ban whipping in Australian horse racing and some changes occurred.


I'm conflicted about this. On one hand I'm all for keeping cruel people away from animals,small children etc. On the other hand I suspect this will be just one more way to pull people into the system where they lose their rights, are bled dry financially by parole officers and such and leave them more vulnerable to being imprisioned. The prison industrial complex has far to many victims as it is.

on the other hand people that abuse animals are more likely to abuse or kill humans. It might be a way of getting ahead of the more serious crimes that amount to more time and more damage to society. Agree on the prison industrial complex being too big

@btroje yeah but what constitutes abuse, legally? Are we going to end up with situations analogous to moms being jailed for letting their kids walk to school alone? Keep in mind the tendancy of authorities and public opinion to deeply intrude on personal liberty. There's a bigger picture here, in which basic,normal human behaviour is being systematically demonized.

@Blindbird good question but having worked in animal rescue and in jails and prisons I wouldnt worry about the threshold falling very low too soon

@btroje sadly true.


Good! About time!

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