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Christmas cactus: my longest relationship.

Started it from two cuttings at age 17 in Michigan.

Now it has over 150 flower buds. What a showman! A "Thanksgiving" type Christmas cactus, it blooms from November to April.

How to make a Christmas Cactus bloom

In October, give it no water. Deprive it of extra light after the sun goes down. In October after dark, I read books in the bedroom instead of the living room.

"Christmas cactus grow in the crotches of trees, high under the South American rain forest canopy," a botanist said. "When you deprive it of water and extra light, it's thinks it's dying. It throws out flowers to make seeds and propagate the species."

On November 1, start giving it water, increasing as flower buds appear. Fertilize once with half-strength Miracle Grow. Flower buds need water to plump up. So, water it deeply once a week.

LiterateHiker 9 Nov 23

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I appreciate your history and methods of making them bloom


LOL I think we have one of those - I haven’t killed it yet.

CS60 Level 7 Nov 23, 2019

I used to have houseplants, now I have kittens. When I had my blind cat the plants were safe. These girls... I have some sansevaria, and the cats like to dig in the dirt. I used to have beautiful christmas cactus. I miss them.


Mine looks like nobody loves it.


Beautiful! Mine is doing well but not nearly as beautiful as yours. I will definitely update how I tend it.
Bear is my longest relationship. 26 1/2 years & going strong. 😀

That's not a cactus. I know better.

@PondartIncbendog hmmm sometimes that beak feels like it has thorns, does that count? 🤣🤣🤣


Christmas cactus are succulents.


@LiterateHiker, @Heidi68 No, it hurts.

@Heidi68, @LiterateHiker Then why can't we eat them? Hmm?

Bear is a great looking African Grey. No plucking, yay!

@MsHoliday for many years I worried about that. He has been moved all over the country, had several different cages til I found his current one - I don't know how I got so lucky... but I am glad I am & he never plucked!



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