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Spring is here! And my allergies, prolonged car washes and maintenance checks, ballsy wardrobe cleanse, revived hairstyles, house purging for summer rummages, tornado watches, thunderstorms, salty roads, muddy hiking trails, unnessessary coloring of unfertilized chicken babies to celebrate the resurrection of some bearded guy, marshmallow peeps galore, and gardens ready for blooming. What are you most excited for?

ImpressionistMe 5 Mar 25

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I'm a first-time car owner so I was curious about why there would be longer car washes and maintenance checks. 🙂


Prior to retirement, I was most excited at coming home in daylight.


Seeing the first butterfly of Spring! And then lots of caterpillars to raise. Looking forward to a season filled with Milkweed, Golden Alexander and Wild Black Cherry leaves as hosts.


The feeling of new life courses through me like a bear coming out of hibernation.


It's starting to feel a bit spring-like here, finally, and I've been hearing the geese as they return north. I'm just looking forward to warmer weather, before it gets too hot and humid.


The end of Georgia Winter. I loved Western New York Winters, but here in Georgia I find it miserable!


I like the warm weather.


Ohh you got a lot of great ideas there! I particularly like the ballsy wardrobe Purge, and the house purging for the rummage sale! I want to do both of those things very soon. And I actually do like coloring the hard boiled eggs. I love egg sandwiches. No thank you on the marshmallow peeps.


My plants and trees coming back to life.


Dunno. Where I live (southern Thailand) it's always about 84 degrees with cross sea breezes, and usually sunny.


As a minimalist, I adore spring cleaning! Something about getting rid of unnecessary stuff makes me happy


I will haave fresh green beans out of my garden this week. Within 2 to 3 weeks, I will be eating my first black heirloom tomatoes from my garden.


Lol. You make spring sound so romantic.

Definitely not peeps. I hate those things. Now, Reese's eggs... Yummmmmmmmm

I hate the cold, so temperatures always above 60 make me happy. I love being outside without bundling up. I love walking my dogs without gear.

And for my dark side, I like laughing at people that put the "He is risen" crosses in their yards and seeing people with the "keep Christ in Christmas" crap still on their cars. I love watching co-workers get uncomfortable asking me what I'm doing for Easter and hearing me say "I don't celebrate Easter". I also love watching people start going to the gym hoping they can lose all of that weight before summer, an impossible dream with really bad motivation.

That's spring for me.


Camping, campfires, wildflowers, nature walks, road trips.


The water in the pool rising above 80 degrees.


I'm looking forward to getting my garden going again. I don't know if it will be vegetables, or a cash crop like wintergreen. Whatever, I want o get things going out there. 🙂

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