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What's the best pet in your opinion?

Cats. Dogs. Snakes. Frogs. Fish. Birds. Freaking Dragons (: What you got?

AustinSkepticus 7 Mar 25

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Dogs are family. Cats are great for appartments & one can leave them for days with food & water & they are fine. Now guinea pigs are my favorite pet. Clean, turds make great compost, & they are edible.


I really had a pet Orange l carried around for over 25 years. One day it started to crumble and fell apart. Incredibly low maintenance.


A BUNNY!!!! I had one I got from work. Her name was Valentine ?


I'd take a dragon, in a heartbeat. (Tho granted I might regret it, lol)
Re ones I have experience with, you have to weigh/balance the basic traits of that species with your personal likes/dislikes, maintenance abilities. Then with that narrowing down, browse til you fall in love.

This post has encouraged me to share the story of my bird. ... Another time tho.


The one that owns you.


Tapeworm. Goes where you go. Eats what you eat.

Iffy Level 5 Mar 25, 2018

Oh! I hope could disappear with that 'buddy!'

And tapeworms keep one nice & svelte.


For me it is a medium sized dog!


komodo dragons are swell

Especially when they slobber all over you with that toxic saliva. I hate when that happens.

@Countrywoman thats what rubber suits aremade for. and napkins


My dog has added so much happiness to my life...I’m convinced she is the only thing that made the military bearable. Coming home dead tired after a 15 hour day to someone who’s whole existence revolves around you...who doesn’t love (unconditional) love?

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