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What's the worst job you've had? Why?

By Mea7
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Looking back on it now I'd have to say the worst job I ever had would be casino janitorial. I use the word "worst" loosely here, because really I haven't had too many jobs that I wouldn't do again. But if I had to pick a "worst" job it would be that one. It's one thing to clean up the vomit and feces of your babies and when taking care of folks with health issues, it's another thing entirely to clean up after normal functioning human beings who's only excuse is alcohol. And while I'm on the subject, people really need to learn how to flush a toilet in public.

Ugh, having worked a nasty job as a housekeeper in a hotel on Fort Myers Beach, I can only imagine how much worse it would be to clean up after the people at a casino. That's like dealing with a spring breakers every day!

@carcmcgarc Yep. Pretty much sums it up. It amazes me how people act in public versus at home.


I had a temp job many years ago in the office of a paint factory. The smell was so awful that I can still bring up the memory of it even decades later. Needless to say I was out of there in less than an afternoon. Would have left sooner, but a part of me was saying, "you'll get used to it." Uh, no.

bleurowz Level 8 Mar 27, 2018


Anonbene Level 8 Mar 27, 2018

Ain't that the truth! In retrospect I should have used this as my answer.


I used to have a boss who was very racist - among her many charming habits, she'd order staff to follow black customers around the store "because they steal stuff" and tell us to go and get the air freshener if any Asian customers came in, then spray it right next to them "because they stink." If she was displeased with a member of staff, she'd make derogatory comments behind their back or even insult them right to their face. I used to go home upset pretty much every day in that job,

Jnei Level 8 Mar 27, 2018

i would have audio recorded that and sent it to HR anonymously if possible

Even worse would be the douche nozel who actually put this bass ackwards individual in to a position of authority which involves dealing with the public.

@webbew1 Somehow, despite the numerous complaints she clocked up from staff and customers every month (for rudeness, bullying and racism) she'd been there for years. Either her boss was a similar person, or she had blackmail material!

@Jnei that's so terrible! smile003.gif

@jorj I'm not sure it would have made much difference - despite the very high staff turnover with departing staff frequently citing her as the reason and complaints from customers declaring that they'd never shop in that branch of the company again, she was there for about twenty years.

@Jnei recording would prove the accusation and people would stnd up against the boss even if they didnt work there. its easy to just accuse people and that is why proof is required. i know recordings have forced people to sell their properties and all when its issues like this. Donald Sterling is a perfect example but there are others i can name as well.

@jorj It'd also be very shaky ground legally in the UK... "Between two private individuals it is not prohibited to record conversations. The problem arises however if that conversation is then provided to a third party for whatever reason, without the consent of both parties." So, had I have recorded her and made that available to someone higher up, I could potentially have been charged with breaching her privacy.

@Jnei u can't even record in public places? that needs revision for sure. how can anyone wear undercover recording devices to capture criminal drug dealing or other crimes? is there an exception for crimes? if so then this would fall under a crime IMO.

@jorj You can record without permission, but you need the permission of the person being recorded in order to supply that recording to a third party. It'd be different for police making recordings as part of an investigation, and journalists get away with it provided they can demonstrate that there's legitimate public interest in making the recordings known. Or that's my take on it after reading up on it a bit - but I'm not a lawyer!

@Jnei I don't see an employee employer relationship as private so I would check up on that part of it if I had been in that situation. If proof was given like a recording the entire weight of society would be brought down on the boss. Society is very supportive of fighting racism and sexism when it can be shown but because of all the casual accusations of racism and sexism, it makes it hard to believe just a claim any more.

@jorj Precisely that, "shaky ground" - chances are there are test cases which would be used to decide whether or not it counts as private individuals.


All of them. When humans moved from hunting/gathering to agriculture and to manufacturing, the fruits of their labors were no longer their own. The big monkeys began to take the fruits of labor for for their own.

dahermit Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

Graveyard cashier at a gas station in a well to do town while I was going to college.

Wrytyr Level 7 Mar 28, 2018

Washing dishes at the Rooftop Restaurant and Hotel in SoFla for extra bacon. Why?

  1. The job.
  2. The management.
    When I was all caught up on my bills, I handed in my notice, and was promptly cursed out by my super.
    I suggested he come to Friday's island and get a real day's work done, then I left.
Leafhead Level 8 Mar 27, 2018

You'll have to be British and of a certain age to understand this but... the worst job I ever had was with Jayne Mansfield, removing lobsters...

ITguy64 Level 5 Mar 27, 2018

'Derek and Clive Live'...fookin' brilliant.
Listened to a few tracks in an Indie record store in London once...the owner locked the door so we could listen to the XXX rated dialogue without interruption. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore at their best!
So, whats the worst job that you ever had?


Helping to install air conditioning units into attics in Florida in August...
It’s dark mostly, up to 120 degrees sometimes, and you are in a permanent crouch to avoid the roofing nails from raking your back whilst kneeling on roof beams so you don't Fall through the ceiling...
LOTS of fun.

Wageslave Level 4 Mar 27, 2018

Worked in a plastics factory for $3.10 an hour. It was a cloud of plastic dust throughout the factory and you had to wear long sleeves all the time so you didn't spend all day scratching yourself. This was my first job after the military and was about 2 bucks an hour more than the Air Force paid me.

jonds56 Level 6 Mar 27, 2018

My current job, I am an overnight baker in a grocery store


A temp/manual labor job I had because I needed something to keep some cash flowing. It was basically moving stuff (debris) from one place to another. Real grunt work. Second worst, another temp job working for a guy who owned a small window washing business. Spider-man I'm not.

IAMGROOT Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

I've only had one job in my life for 2.5 years as of May 24th, 2018. I work at Wendy's and the job is easy, but I don't like all of my co-workers. I tolerate them. It has its ups and downs. There are a lot of fake, two-faced people there, assholes, unmedicaded crew/managers, etc...Yet they call me crazy. I gave up last year talking about anything intelligent with them. How am I crazy for being in shape and the skinniest worker there, the nicest co-worker, the most generous person, the one that shows up 15 minutes early every day, I don't call off unless I'm sick or mentally exhausted, (2x in almost one year of calling off the night before) I've never done a No-call/No-show, never had a write-up, and I always come in to do other's jobs when they call off at the last minute on my days off? (If my disability hours permit me to. Not this month though, 3 paychecks this months, so I can't work too much) I do have ADHD though. Sometimes I'll say something and state the logic behind my comment or descision, and at first they call me crazy, but then hear the logic behind it and then agree. Plus, I know all the holidays in the US and their meanings behind them all. They all know the Xian meanings. Sometimes I think they all have short-term memory loss. I can remember a lot of things that were said by them, when they forget what I said 1 day ago.


Customer service at Verizon

Oh, no! I'm a Verizon customer! (I'm always nice when I call, promise!!!)

@orange_girl the hours were horrible and while most customers were ok, the ones that weren’t REALLY weren’t

@Marcie1974 Oh, I can imagine, having worked with the public. And, it only takes one bad customer to ruin your day!


Worst job

I was a consultant in a firm called 'The Pricing people' for eight days only to compose a report on why their Helpdesk system was so feeble.
I have never met a group of sad people, always back stabbing each other and sucking up to the management The afortementioned having no experience at all in directing and instead in order to compensate for their lack of failure they micromanage (or try to) the people. Was so happy to get out of there.


I used to work for a temp agency in the summers when I was in school. One day they sent me to a chicken farm. Spent the whole morning taking chickens out of cages, and putting them in small portable cages so they could be transported for slaughter. I think they knew it because they would fight me. After that I was relieved, until some guy handed me a shovel and sent me down stairs, right below the chicken cages. I spent the afternoon shoveling chicken crap. It had a strong ammonia smell and burned my eyes.

Rudy1962 Level 9 Mar 27, 2018

Yikes! I wouldn't have been able to finish the day.

@ReBrew2115 At the age I am now I would probably have walked out

@jioo087 yes but I didn't for a few months after that

@jioo087 yes but I didn't for a few months after that


I once had a job in a lead mill . As you are breathing this crap in day , day out , regular blood tests were the norm . At the time , the company ' made' you drink lots of milk to combat the effects of the factory floor . Of course this was many years ago ...The worst duty was to scrape out the detritus from the large crucibles when they had cooled enough .


I worked at a factory disposing of expired Ragu. The smell was horrible (especially the cheese and alfredo). We used hammers with spikes on them to pop holes in the lids before we unscrewed them (because of the pressure) Nobody told me they spewed like gysers when you did that. The first lid I popped sprayed moldy maggoty Ragu in my eyes and mouth. By the end of the day I was covered with it. I emmited an aura of stink with a 10' radius. The most disturbing part was learning that the glass jars were being shipped back and reused. Moral of the story: eat Prego.

Why does recycling the glass jars disgust you? Did they not sanitize them or something?


Temporary accounts clerk during university vacation. Everyone hated me because I got on with the work and finished it too quickly. It was so boring trying to find something to do to pass the time.

CeliaVL Level 7 Mar 29, 2018

I actually had a job where my co-workers told me to "slow way down," because I was making them look bad. Luckily, it was a temp gig and I didn't have to work with them long.


My first job out of college was working for MCI as a telemarketer. I hated calling people and bothering them by trying to sell them long distance plans. I got in trouble a few times because on occasion I would get an elderly person on the phone and I would talk to them about whatever they wanted because they were lonely. It was a very predatory business and I found another job as quickly as I could.

It was slightly worse than a job I had for a week in a slaughterhouse. My mom got me the job while I was home for Spring break in college. One of my jobs (sorry this is gross) was loading barrels of guts and other waste into the scoop of a loader tractor and hauling and dumping it into a pit in a field behind the slaughterhouse. That pit was like the angry maw of hell. My last day was when I fell off of a ladder on to a concrete floor. I was cleaning the ceiling and the ladder slipped out from under me. That hurt. A lot.

I toured a slaughter house of curiosity in high school and it was insane. I remember how full of blood the air was and seeing a dismembered cow's head with its hide ripped off, eyes still attached, still steaming with warmth, was very surreal.


In a service lab. I liked the work, I liked my co-workers. But then there was the boss... Who was an incredible micromanager to start with and then decided that I was the bad thing...I reminded him of his wife who was divorcing him.

moonmaid Level 8 Mar 27, 2018

I was once a waitree in a German hotel. Worst job ever. I am so clumsy; they finally gave up on me.


Bursar’s office teller when first starting on my live in jobs
Boring and mean set of coworkers


After the bubble bursting in '08 (aka the rich getting richer again) construction job were harder to get. Everyone seemed to do what they had to. I went back to working hourly. The contractor was bleeding money from investments that had nothing to do with this work, but he still tried to scrape every dollar he could, at the expense of everyone who worked for him. Odd thing is, I don't even think he realized how he was acting, completely. People go into oblivious auto-pilot under stress.


Telemarketing. Getting yelled at by people, having to bend the truth and feel like I was scamming people, reading from a script, constantly getting threatened to be sent home for the day (cutting into my pay) if I wasn't hitting quota. It's just all bad on so many levels. That's the only job I ever said "I quit" at and walked out.

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