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If you found out the Christian God of the bible was real, would you worship him?

I for sure wouldn't. The God of the Christian bible is petty and downright cruel and would not be deserving of worship.

Some of the things he did in that bible is beyond disgusting and what I'm disturbed by is people who justify his sick actions. Take the story of Abraham and is son for example. Asking a man to murder his own son just to see if Abraham cared about him when God should have known this if he's an all knowing God.

Take the creation story for example. God set Adam and Eve up on purpose to fail, considering he's an all knowing God, yet he put the tree of knowledge here to test Adam and Eve with when he would know ahead of time they'd fail that so called test.

Creating the Devil when he would know in advance the Devil would turn evil and trick so many by stealing their souls away to hell once they died. Inpregnating a young, engaged virgin girl without her consent with his son, whom which was also himself just to send him here to die in a horrid way for our sins just so humanity could be forgiven and have a shot to get to heaven after death. In fact he sent his son to die us, but was the one who designed the failure of humanity in the first place.

I could go on and on about this topic and the many things wrong with the Christain God.

EmeraldJewel 7 Nov 20

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I couldn’t. Honestly. For the same you reasons you put. Even if Christianity is the truth. It’s evil. And corrupt. Through and through.
And as we’ve all heard a thousand times. If he isn’t all powerful. Then he can not be all good. And if he is all good. Then he is not all powerful.
And honestly. If those poor sheep would open their eyes they would see that we couldn’t have the science we do today if they were correct and let the world start moving forward and maybe actually make a contribution and start doing moral things for moral reasons. Not just to appease some higher being to get in Golden world.


Hell no! (pardon the pun) I work at a hospital and the only thing I would ask him is why he allowed so much suffering both physical and mental!


Simple answer NO, I worship nor bend my knee to neither man nor god.


I'd definitely have an amazing conversation. As an entity, God has inspired a lot of great thought.

You haven't read your bible have you?


the bible was written by theologians and though there are things in it that teach good lessons on how to live, people have misinterpreted it so much ,they have distorted their own beliefs. as i say in my introduction any separate god who would require or even entertain worship would not be worthy of it . as for the devil , according to the bible he was a fallen angel so where did he get the evil from . if god created all then he also would be the creater of evil. i don't believe there is any such thing as evil though, only negative energy with judgement thrown in there. i think the bible is the biggest fairy tale ever written to conform society. noone would be happy if everything were good . what would there be to overcome, no heros no challenges, no understanding of anything. not to mention humanity likes using the devil as the reason for every atrocity ever committed its easier for us to blame it on a diety than take responsibility and accept who we are and maybe try to find a balance so we can evolve.


I'm afraid "worship" is not a word in my vocabulary. I have no use for it. In any situation. So no.

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