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Heart breaker..

When is the last time you broke someone’s heart?
Were you able to be friends eventually?

AMGT 8 Mar 27

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It's not my fault if someone breaks their own heart throwing it at me. I'm not obligated to catch it.

goes off to cry a little in a corner feeling genuinely bad about people's hurt feelings


No but I did break my buddies favorite lamp by mistake and we are still friends


When I broke off my last relationship. I broke mine in the process, too, but that was how it had to be.

I don't know that I'll ever be able to be friends with him although for a while, I wanted to. Now that I have a little more distance, I'm not so sure.


Yeah, it eventually became a good friendship. But I did what I had to do at the time. I’ve found that sometimes we can’t let go of a relationship no matter how toxic. Doing the right thing sometimes can be the heartbreaking thing.

Thanks. It’s never easy and it always makes me a little sad when I think about her.


I believe someone is suffering a broken heart right now, because of me, but I just had to end the 8 year relationship. I have vowed not to be "friends" with him when the break up simmers down, as that was part of our problem during our togetherness..

He simply never truly broke up with any of his previous lovers, remaining close friends with them, going on what I would call dates, and having sleepovers, slipping up with one in particular on several occasions, and likely others I didn't know about.

I have vowed not to be that "old girlfriend" who keeps popping into his life, who he still has feelings for, out of regard and respect for his future love interests, because I know how much hurt that can cause.

Living on a small island, we will see each other often I'm sure, but I will not continuously call, text and ask to "hang out" with him as his previous girlfriends do. They contributed to our breakup.

Of course, an honorable man can handle exes being friends, but some men (and women) are not honorable.

I'm of this mindset, too. Friendship after a relationship is admirable - but has a potential to cause more drama than its worth. Not being friends, not being enemies, allowing that other person to be just someone else is a much better option.

They may be honourable but still have little in the way of self-control. Yeah, sleepovers would not have been allowed by me lol.


He fell hard for me. I had little experience and was taken in by the fact someone actually desired Me. A few months in and I realized we were both in love with the idea of being in love rather than in love with the actual person the other was. He still didn't realize that, though I tried to explain it. I ended it. He wanted to be friends, but was actually hoping I'd come back to the relationship. So even talking is a little perilous. I wish him well, but....he was/is a devout Roman Catholic and Trump,voter who cares more for low property taxes than civil rights or helping the poor (Still hard for me to wrap my head around how any self-respecting gay man could be those other things). If you have read any of my posts on this site, you instantly see what a mismatch that is....Need I say more.


When I was 18. I was dating a guy during high school. He had graduated 2 years previously. Right after graduation, I moved about 2000 miles away to start a career working for the government in Washington, DC. He wanted to marry me but I wanted to be on my own for a while. About 6 months later he visited. He just wanted to deliver a message in person in the form of a song. This was it:

I didn't marry him, but we did remain distant friends for about 10 years. He was a beautiful person and gracious. He got me.

I couldn't click. I heard the lyrics in my brain. Combined with your story, my eyes started tearing up....... that's twice this morning (the first was hearing a brief moment of Emma Gonzalez's speech on the radio) and I'm just not wanting to be crying yet today.

So sweet, Victoria.

@BlueWave You're comment really touched me. Thank you for making my morning. 🙂


That was sweet. 🙂


I'm friends with my ex after divorcing nearly 12 years ago. The significant other I had a relationship with aftsr that lasted 4 years, 2 years I lived with him. He ended it, married someone else. Wanted to stay friendly...I was furious. The last guy I dated I broke up with 2 mos ago. We dated 6 mos a very recent widower. Wsnted to replace me for his beloved. I resembled her, everyone thought I was his I could write a book.


As my marriage ends I am doing that right now. I'm almost positive we will have a strong friendship after all is said and done but there are plenty of times I still feel like a shit.


9 years ago, I was recontacted by an ex, we met one day so I could meet her grand daughter, she came to visit for the following weekend and said she wanted to have a weekend such as we had a decade earlier when were were together. And we did. At the end of it she begged me for us to be in a relationship again, we have never lived together, but she was my best friend for 16 years while we were both married to other people, then in a distance relationship for 2 years. The relationship was actually great, very romantic on both sides, great annual holidays, great sex. But she likes drama, she broke up with me 5 times, I took her back 4 times. She left in the middle of the night, sent me a text to say she was home safe, changed her mobile phone and email, moved to the other side of the country and I have never seen or heard from her since. I really would like to get that friendship back, even without sex, just the close friendship we had. I run into her ex husband ocassionally, we get on fine.


I wouldn't know. Mine's always the one being broken.



I almost did but then I came to my senses.


As someone who doesn't usually think highly enough of myself to believe I have an impact on anyone, I often have trouble realizing if I have broken a heart. That said, the couple of times I know I have broken hearts were unpleasant for all involved. Sometimes friendships can happen, sometimes not.
Whatever happens naturally is fine. Just go with it, whether it means letting go or staying close.


It was over 20 years ago. I had dated a guy off and on for several years during high school and college. He told one of my friends that he had finally gone through all of the people he had dated and made the decision that I was the one that he wanted to marry. My friend informed him that I was going to be getting married in a few weeks. From what I heard he was pretty devastated. I haven't seen him since.


Don't think I ever have. At least not that I know of. Is that good or bad? Lol


Last Thanksgiving. Was a young but fiercely hot relationship... we both were convinced, I beliegve, that we would go the distance and then, the last night I was visiting she said something that said she was convinced that this wouldn't/couldn't work. Then she accused me of something I had proof was not possible, and she knew this and I realized that her knee jerk reaction to an unplanned event was to assume that I'd done something to her intentionally and that this was likely always going to be her MO and that I wouldn't be able to handle that.

I spoke with her frankly about this and... well, we both, I feel, are heartbroken, she took it harder than I (I am sure) and asked to refan the flames... I can't. We ARE friends, though we don't talk enough (because we go back into a hot and torrid mode too easily, we need to get into a 'friend' mode).


Over 20 years ago, and no.


If I have I"m not aware of it.


About 8 years ago. Yes, we're still friends.

  1. Rightfully so she hasn't spoken to me since. I was a real piece of work back then. But through the elimination of alcohol and addition of therapy I know I will never be that shitty again. Can't say I'll never break another heart but I can say if it ever happens again I will be a far kinder and gentler human about it.

I think 3. None were intentional. Still friends with one of them.


oh no...I have Pat Benatar stuck in my you can update yours to today! I'm friends or on good terms with almost all of my exes....but I had to leave my last one....we were on divergent life paths....that would be new years day of 2017.

@PeppermintDreads no no no no no....a love taker....damn it....hehe


7 years ago I broke a man's heart.
We are still friends.


2001 and no we did not have a friendship after the split. It wasn't something l wanted.


I did it over the summer. Broke up with someone else about 2 months before, and we were just getting started. She made up some drama, so I cooled things off. She did not take it well. We are friends at yoga only now. She is very sweet and kind in the studio, but take one step outside, and I am a pariah. We would still get along great everywhere if she allowed that. My disaster fetish strikes again !

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