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LINK Doris Miller: Navy names carrier after African American for first time

This reminded me of something a marriage counselor said to my ex and I. In assessing our failure-in-progress, he listened to the ex's little list of "valid attempts" to stop his lying-cheating-stealing-narcassistic-pathological-immature-nonsense and said (something likeπŸ™‚ "Those do seem like HUGE efforts on your part! But not because they are, rather because you've never made any effort before." (And that was that. One of my best days e.v.e.r! 😁) But ...

These types of honors seem so awesome, until you think about how looooooong it took to get around to doing it. Wonderful and shameful ... at the same time.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Jan 24

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Great analogy. And it’s well past time the Navy did this.


Harriet TUBMAN bill to replace racist genocidal lunatic Andrew Jackson on the TWENTY was approved 6 years ago but Mnuchin and TrumpOLINI have delayed and fucked over the Navy memory is Diver Dorrie Miller was the Jackie Robinson of my racist fleet.....but either name is not that great an honor as our ships and boats are death tools and poison spreaders


He was also the 1st US black astronaut that never flew for that exact reason..😑😑😑

You and I are both wrong....this hero died 2 years after Pearl Harbor heroism shooting Jap planes and evacuating injured from the West Virginia Battleship.....a 4th black hero did make it aboard the Space Shuttle

@Larry68Feminist thanks for the correction..πŸ’—

@Charlene luv ya


And Trump will somehow take credit for it. Without taking a hit for not putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.


Long overdue

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 24, 2020
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