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Today's hike: Hard ice on trail. Yikes! Feels like Spring.

Karen just returned from a trip to Japan. She hurt her lower back muscles carrying luggage plus snowboards, skis, helmets, ski boots and heavy winter clothes. Her husband, Jeff, was there for an international cross-country ski race. The race was canceled due to insufficient snow. Climate crisis.

Ironically, it snowed the day after the race. Jeff cross-country skied on sidewalks instead.

"Japan is a Kathleen country," Karen said. "It's so clean! Nobody litters."

To give Karen a break, today's hike was easy: 5.5 miles with 1,000 feet of elevation gain. I didn't let her bend down and pick up anything.

We used micro-spikes because of hard pack ice on the trail. It felt like Spring! To stay off the ice, we walked on the side of the trail on dirt and soft snow where we could.

Still, my feet shot out from under me and Wham! landed on an elbow. Shook it off. After that, I scrambled down steep hillsides off-trail as much as possible.

It felt like Spring. Plants are coming up, grass is green and Willow trees have new yellow leaves. Oh, no!

Low snow means less water, drought and worse wildfires.

LiterateHiker 9 Feb 11

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I travelled to Norway to hike up to Pulpit Rock and I remember trying to cram everything into my luggage. BUT I got it. Tent and pack, sleeping bag and gear. πŸ™‚


Another memorable adventure .sorry about your elbow ,but one of the risks of enjoying recreation ,Happy every one made it back safely


Great picture! Hope your elbow is ok


Thank you. It's just a deep bruise.


Nice scenery


I hope your elbow is OK.
Pennsylvania is also low / lacking in snow. It seems the the PNW moved in - 30s to 40s (and a few 50s) and rain. It has only dropped down to the 20s a couple of times. Normally, the highs would be in the 30s and lows in the 20s. And we would have a had week or two in January in the teens and 20s. It is an incredibly warm year so far.

CS60 Level 7 Feb 11, 2020


Thank you. It's just a deep bruise.


It doesn’t feel like spring in central NY. More snow and some icing will start late Wednesday night.


I thought you liked things that were hard? 😳


We had five inches of snow early this morning -- our last gasp of AZ winter I guess.
It's already melting and the fences were all bare when I got up.
It sure is clear and pretty outside.

I look forward to the green transformation each spring and I'm glad you weren't badly hurt with your fall. I enjoy your walks vicariously. Lol.


Worrying thought, wildfires.
The other worrying thought is the lengths to which "fitness" addicts will go.

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