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Did it take you long to realize how screwed up it is to think crackers become the flesh of someone? And that we should eat these crackers with that applied to them?

Oh don't forget about wine becoming his blood. Whether it be symbolic or literal it's still pretty messed up. Not religious, no cannibalism required.

AustinSkepticus 7 Mar 31

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At least the wine/grape juice has nutritional merit. Crackers not so much.


Wow! I thought I was a deep thinker, but I never thought that deep about, the 'crackers' being cannibalism...did think about 'wine' (grape juice), being blood. But, the whole notion could go back to ancient times, when they really did eat the dead? But, why would we need anything about food out of that ancient wisdom, in today's modern society? Most of society has enough food sources, at least in the Christian part!

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