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If you could change one rule of your choice?

I'm sure we all came from a religious background , our family or our society were or are religious and we object on many things about the rules of that religion , if you were given the choice to change one rule or law in your previous religion , what would it be?

Haneen 5 Nov 22

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I'm not entirely sure which individual rule I would change but I know it's generally correlating with the ideas of changing the oppressive roles it puts down on women. Though I more so want to change the ideas it spreads such as the negativity towards people of the lgbt community or people of different races, even how it paints all atheist in a bad light.


In islam, children of a muslim couple are muslim by default. If they attemp to leave Islam any time ,they face death penality.
So I would like to change this law!!

uzair Level 3 Nov 24, 2017



legalize the lot. and help those who need treatment


Please don't assume we all came from a religious background; I was born into an Atheist family...Atheist for generations going back to the end of the XIX century, in France.
If I am not mistaken, my parents and siblings -who moved to Argentina in the 1940s- were one of the first Atheists families in said country.

You are lucky! not all of us are, and I didn't assume all are from a religious background , but most are
I wish I had your family lol

Didn't you assume? No? These are your words: ""I'm sure we all came from a religious background..."
Your assumption bothers me because my parents and older siblings had a hard time finding jobs / getting settled in their new land (after suffering the WW II) because their Atheism. Fortunately, Argentina "evolved" rapidly thanks to foreign influence after the war and things started to improve.


No more control, burn all the money. Make everyone equal, teach real history, reveal all the mythology, tours of area 51. Well that is more than 1 but there so many I had throw some extras in.

Well look how the world carries on with it, murder over it, war over it starve because they didn't have any of it. Repress technology because of it. I don't have an answer just hyphthical.

I don't agree with the money thing but the rest is good


I would make it so only doctoral scientists could get elected as world leaders.

Leadership needs more than scientists because the social element and the way to communicate is very important too

Then you elect the right ones


I would get rid of the rule about tithing 10%. I was always told when I experienced financial woes that it was because I didn't tithe. It was infuriating to be told that if I basically flushed ten percent of my income down the drain I would have more money. ????

In Islam , those religious men uses these money for their own sake


I think that the disclaimer that is always omitted at the end of the bible should be reinstated: "This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental."

hahahahaha that's so true


Tax it! It is a business.

Betty Level 8 Nov 22, 2017

A most excellent suggestion!


I have never held a religion, ever. But as far as the rules of the ones around me, I would change the rule of proselytizing that most hold. It's one thing to believe in something, it's another to try and convert others whether by force or coercion, these dogmas need to stop spreading as they always clash and history is littered with the trail of dead left in their wake.

that is a really good answer as this rule is in EVERY religion


I do not come from a religious background and know many people that don't. Only one rule to change, not fair, how many rules have religion imposed on us? How much knowledge was lost when religions burnt so called witches at the stake? The doctors and scientists of their time burnt and the knowledge and land kept by the church, these are true terrorist in my eyes. All of religions rules want changing or even better banning!

We all agree that everything in a religion is way wrong and unfair , but for each one of us there must a number one thing that get them mad about their ex religion


I am not interested in reforming religion. I simply want nothing to o with it and will protect myself from intrusions on my rights.

No is welling to fix something as wrong as religions but I just asked to see what is the most horrible rule exicted in a religion that someone hate so much

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