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Spring allergies, a cold or COVID-19?

Millions of people have this constant worry. For me, add asthma to the mix (coughing).

To make matters worse, three days ago, I got the first of two Shingrix vaccines. I had shingles twice (2005 and 2019). The last time, shingles inflamed facial nerves on one side of my face. Could have blinded me. Fortunately, no face blisters or nerve damage.

After the vaccine, spent the first night shivering miserably. Fever for two days. Tired and weak. Muscle aches. Headache.

In a weakened state, my imagination went wild. "Do I have COVID-19?" It helped to check the common side effects of the shingles vaccine.

I feel fine now, three days after the vaccine. Just swelling and redness at the injection site. Benadryl helps. It should subside after a week.

In bold are common side effects I experienced.

Diarrhea, difficulty in moving, fever, headache.
Muscle aches, cramps, pains, or stiffness.
Pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site.
Stomach pain
Unusual tiredness or weakness

Your thoughts?

LiterateHiker 9 Apr 2

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I took this two shot protocol last year, and you're right, the first one was a doozy. I ran a fever, had muscle and joint pain, and chills. It lasted a day, but it was a day I was on my back. The second shot was easier to handle. But, as they reminded me, actual shingles is much much worse. Sounds like you had a far more severe reaction, happy you're all right now. Stay healthy, hon.


I have had the Shingles vaccine about 8 years ago the older single does one,,Had no idea the newer one had all those side effects ,not sure whether need to get up dated to the newer one or not, So sorry you went thru all of symptons ,but overall the symptons are lot less worse than the actual shingles ,Happy your doing well now ,Warm hug to you,


Thank you, Roy. I appreciate you.

Thanks Kathleen ,always a pleasure


It was the vaccine.




Thanks for your posting. This should help many of us because I think we are in times where we ask ourselves "do I have Covid-19." Probably not, but at least we remain aware. Sorry for your suffering.


Wow! That’s serious side effects. I didn’t experience them but each person is different. I’m glad you’re better


Thank you. Good thing I have a high tolerance for pain.



I thought that once you get shingles you're immune.


That's a myth.

@LiterateHiker wow, I didn't know that. But I did some research and if you had the vaccine then you will not get it again.


The first of those two vaccines is brutal. I had it two years ago. I don't feel pain like most people (I've had a hole in my colon before and didn't feel it) but that vaccine site hurt...badly! It felt like the flu for about 3 days after. You have my sympathies. That's more than likely what you've dealt with.

I came home today with low grade temperature. It's affected by Tylenol so I think it's only allergies. Bit of scratchy throat.. I'm doing Vitamin C and zinc and keeping an eye on per doc's instructions. Can't return to work until temperature free for 24 hrs.

FYI, the second one a couple months later was nowhere near like the initial inoculation!


Yay! Thanks. That's a relief.


If you have asthma do be especially careful, try your very best to be one of the few that has not had it, when it reaches herd immunity stage. Time , money, work and effort are nothing, if they buy you life.


Just look after yourself, if you have problems breathing probably best to consult someone with medical training.


For only the second spring of my life I'm allergy free! My wife, however, is apperantly allergic to the tree pollen here and is sniffling and sneezing like a seasoned pro.

What's nice about it is we now get 15 feet of personal space at the grocery store.

1of5 Level 8 Apr 2, 2020

Given your asthma, allergies and vaccine, the odds seem to favor no COVID. You are aware enough to monitor yourself. If in doubt, go get tested.

The data I am looking for as the death toll mounts will be how many of those who die have one or more co-morbidities; I understand it is quite high, as would be expected. The other large group is health care workers due I guess to overexposure, if there is such a thing for this virus. This underscores yet again the importance of being fit, eating well, exercising, prioritizing sleep, etc. LH, you seem to be in good shape on all of these dimensions. Good luck.


Main symptoms are high fever and very short of breath( like pneumonia) this mimics flu/pneumonia


I have to keep my self warm in spring weather,slightest chill i end up with a cold or runny nose,,alergys cause my nose to run also at times but usually effects the eyes a bit also,starting to wear a mask all the time when i go out now


Well, if we were ready for this virus, you could get tested. But at least where I live those with fevers and coughs can't get tested unless they were exposed to someone who was tested. I think everyone should be tested to stop the spread and new cases sooner than later. I know it is late to do this, but later than now makes no sense. Just protect yourself and wear mask. I have asthma and find it difficult, but have to in emergency see clients and totally pissed that I have later found out clients I just saw had fevers and coughing but aren't tested when they have various medical professionals and me having to see them.


Exactly, I suffer symptoms similar to COVID 19 this time of year. And now I'm on a some short term anti pain meds which also mimic COVID 19.

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