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What Does Your Body Language Say About You To Others?

Lets say you are walking down the street, sitting in a chair at your desk, or eating a resturaunt. Perhaps you are standing against the wall or waiting on an elevator.

What what do you think other people pick about you, or your character from your body language?

lets say you could observe yourself in public from another persons perspective. What do you think your body language tells people about you?

Example: you see a woman walking down the sidewalk. as this woman passes you, you notice she is clinching her purse really tight to her waste as she looks around observing everyone in her proximity.

One could assume this woman is a bit paranoid in public or perhaps have been a victim of a mugging.

Please tell me what do you think your body language tells others.

twshield 8 Apr 3

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I wear my emotions on my sleeve and my body language will tell you exactly how I'm feeling. Since I don't feel the same all the time my body language also changes.

Lauxa Level 5 Apr 10, 2018

Stay away. I smile a lot and am friendly but don't encourage engagement.


I purposefully change up my body language to confuse anyone who’s paying too much attention to it.

Marz Level 7 Apr 3, 2018

I must be giving mixed messages. While sitting, I generally cross my legs, but with my torso open and my arms wide, resting on an armrest or something. Maybe inviting interest while indicating I'm a lady? Not sure I believe all these characterizations, but there might be some truth to it in some cases. I'm likely more expressive with my face, through my eyes and smile, generally pretty good at what I wish to convey. (Comes from being a hula dancer!)

These are just some examples. nothing factual based


Don't mess with me I may break your neck but in a good sort of way.



confident but aching



Sometimes the way you sit/stand/walk is the result of pain and/ or trauma. In the pix above, I would assume a person massaging their head has a headache!


I used to have this girlfriend (30 years ago in college) who used to say that when I walked across campus I looked like I was on a mission to kick someone's butt. I do have a sort of aggressive gait. I think it comes from all of those years of being a competitive middle distance runner. But, you'd never know it now!



Body language is the new phrenology.


I'm long in the torso for my 6'1" height -- when I sit at a table w/ others, I'm a head taller. Over the years, I've taken to slouching in the chair to NOT intimidate others.

Funny story, while driving home during the dawn of the cell phone era,was passing a guy on his cell phone -- holding it in his right hand and gesturing like a native Italian w/ his left. I figured it was time to accelerate and leave that accident behind me.

Then we had a Hungarian refugee, who always got up close and personal and kept sticking his finger in the others face. I always wanted to bite it ....

Point is, many gestures, mannerisms are culturally dependent and rather meaningless.


Fuck off.

Unless you have coffee.
Then, I love you.

@AMGT oh oh..

@AMGT I know how much you like



I don’t interpret body language well, at all. I’m sure I broadcast with mine, though.

i don't either but i am curious what people think when they see me


No Touchy!


Emme Level 7 Apr 3, 2018

These things lend themselves to encouraging false interpretations, and wrong assumptions. It's bad enough that people judge others based on their looks, or where they live, or come from, or how much formal education they've been exposed to. Judging people by how they gesture, or how often they fucking blink during a conversation, is just as bad, and shouldn't be encouraged.


its all in fun KK 😉


I'm sure they see an old long haired man limping. Being retired: I don't walk straight up like I should. I'm a bit overweight. I dress casually.
What they don't know: I'm an educated man. I prepared for my future. I travel. I'm a survivor.

they would see a gentleman that deserves respect🙂


I'm not big on those body language things. There is substantial room for error.
Sometimes, massaging your forehead means you have a headache, and touching your nose means it itches.

Exactly. For ages I folded my arms all the time because I was cold, for crying out loud!

i just add the pic as an example to give people ideas. you should have fun with it KK.


Leave me alone and don't bother me. lol

Side note... Watch how guarded Trump appears when he is asked a question he doesn't like or doesn't know the answer to.

He's an easy read. He's not clever, just a lying narcissist.

@KKGator he is a classic compulsive liar


Love the chart. I gesture while speaking.

just something silly i found online


I have no idea how others perceive me if they don't tell me. If they do tell me it is sometimes way off the mark.


I have resting bitch face so most people avoid me lol

Me too.

me 3 i walk really fast!

@Alimacbean @twshield it's great when the guys with clipboards try to talk as they take one look at me and turn away quickly lol

@SimonMorgan1 lol i bet! well imagine resting bitch face paired to a large black man walking with incredibly fast speeds

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