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LINK Howard Stern says Trump hates his supporters, that Trump is ‘disgusted’ by them, and he should step down -

Smearing Joe Biden is not the only way for him to win but it's Donald Trump's way. He gets down and dirty in the mud. Always takes it to the lowest common denominator. If the people who support him and go to his rallies only knew how much he loathes them and looks down on them. He's sold them on the idea that he's one of them. He's been privilege all his life and was raised to believe he's better than the great unwashed.

barjoe 9 May 18

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I've been making this point for four years. Glad to somebody else sees what I see.


I'm mystified that anyone can be conned by Trump -- he's so objectively full of shit that you'd have to have the IQ of a dinner plate to be taken in by him. I'm not a Trump supporter because I'm just not dumb enough to be a Trump supporter.

I suppose that confirms that my IQ is at least marginally higher than a dinner plate.


Yeah, that's the big irony! Hydroxichloriquine man! Lets hope there IS a God and Trump has a massive heart attack. I might even get religion!

Then you'd have President Mike Pence. As an atheist, I find him even worse. I know Donald Trump doesn't really believe in God, in fact he thinks he is God, Mike Pence actually believes Jesus was a right wing Republican. He believes he's doing God's work. I would like HIM to have a massive coronary. There would be no harm done by that.

@barjoe Maybe "Hydroxichloriquine Man" will talk him into being his "taster".



twill Level 7 May 18, 2020

They have been suckered pretty hard. The dude brags about shitting on golden toilets but he got them believing he was in it for the "working man"? I've never been a real fan of Sterns, but he got this right - the cowardly orange boy wouldn't let most of his supporters into his hotels!

Howard Stern is one of the funniest people on the planet.

@barjoe Well it is ok if you really believe that, but a lot of people would not have him on their list's of funniest people on the planet.

@creative51 The reason he's funny is because he says outrageous stuff that many people think is offensive. The fact that people are so easily offended by the shit he says makes it even funnier.


oooowww trader

Do you mean "traitor"?


Howard, you are a day late and a dollar short. Your freaking show helped to make the Donald in to the widely known figure that he became. You contributed greatly to his rise.

Just like much of the liberal media did?

Donald Trump was widely known before Howard Stern ever was. Trump wasn't a political figure. Oprah Winfrey was a political ally of Trump's back in the day but Howard never was. Trump was a celebrity to Howard Stern much like most of his guests were. He didn't in any way contribute to Donald Trump's ascension to power.

@twill A lot of media did, liberal and otherwise.

@barjoe Howard was famous back in the mid 1970's as a radio shook jock. Trump did not get widely known until his first casino deals in 1989. Howard was widely known when he went on cable TV in the mid 1990's and brought tRump on as a guest and helped to introduce him to the white trash which later supported him.

@creative51 In 1971 Donald took over Trump Organization from his father. Howard was in his senior year in high school. When Stern first got hired at WNBC Donald Trump was owner of New Jersey Generals of USFL. Howard is a self made billionaire, Trump inherited from the Fred Trump fortune but Howard Stern didn't make Trump or even contribute.

@barjoe I agree he did not make tRump, but he did contribute greatly to tRump being known through his radio show and cable TV show (in the mid 1990's to early 2000"s) to the white lower class idiots who make up his hard core support. This is pre - Apprentice Show time frame.

@creative51 Donald Trump was a famous guy before anybody ever heard of Howard Stern. That is a fact. The timeframe is there, I remember it.

@barjoe I disagree with your view, but it is not worth debating.

@twill Yep! Yeehaw! Glory!

@Observer-Effect Like to get a full size copy of that.

@Observer-Effect ? Did I give you the impression that I like the guy?

@twill Nope, not at all - but it looked like there might be some folks here who do like the guy. And I wanted to mock them. 🙂 Like this, a picture of their ideal man!

@twill, @creative51 I see some that are a bit higher res. I did a Google image search on the picture and it pulls up a bunch. Yeah, its a good one to throw out there hundreds of times - pepper his followers with it.


He is a textbook pathological narcissist who cares for NO ONE other than himself.


It's a complete waste of time to try to explain to any 45 supporter that he has
absolutely no regard for any of them.
I tried doing that before the election, and not one of them believed me.
They are as stubborn as believers.

They know he has no regard for them or anyone else but himself; however, he got them those conservative judges, and so, stubborn or not, we are the ones screwed for decades to come.

@Rodatheist We are definitely screwed with the incompetents that the republicans have packed the court with, no question.
The thing is, most of his idiot supporters really do believe he cares about them. They really do.
They're stupid fuckers and got suckered by that con man.
If they've come to realize it, they're too stubborn to admit it, and will
go down with the ship before they admit to having been conned.

@KKGator Apparently public education in this country is piss poor. For that many people to believe a shyster buffoon takes a lot of stupid.

@K9Kohle789 It used to be really great, and to be honest, I'm not going to blame public education.
It's basic human gullibility. It's confirmation bias.
45 told racists and morons what they wanted to hear, confirming to them the lies they already believed.
There has been a shift in this country since the late 70s. At least that's when I started noticing it.
There has been an embracing of ignorance.
Personally, I think it's rooted in religion, and is deliberate on the part of church "leaders", and the politicians who work for them.

@KKGator Yeah, Sagan called it, spot on, about 25 years ago.

@KKGator Nooooo, they are, unfortunately, not incompetent. They are much worse than that. They are conservatives ready to dismantle all the progressive gains of the last 70 years. That is how screwed we are.

@KKGator It's hard to blame human gullibility when educators are employed to teach children how to think and reason for themselves. That's why it exists.
Ignorance pre-dates education. My daughter used to bring her schoolwork home and the fucking teacher that brought $500 worth of make up in a clear bag to her classroom had so many spelling mistakes on the kids paperwork I would correct it in red marker, grade it and send it back. Suspect daughter didn't give it to her. I can't see how most people accept stupidity (teachers) in schools.
Churches are not schools and parents or ignorant believers should teach their kids how to think while at home. Religion is a liar, they even call believers their flock so if one jumps over a cliff they all follow. It is the dumbing down of America. It's a fact that non believers are more intelligent than believers. In that regard I agree.


Do you know if there’s any way to listen to the episode? I don’t have pay radio.

I hate to use a link from The View, because I can't stand the women on that show but.

@barjoe Thanks. 🙂


Of course tRump despises his supporters. Who doesn't. They are just too stupid to realize that he would cross the street rather than meet one of them.

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